Weapons-Grade Stupid: Animal Rights Morons ‘Free’ Mink From Farm … Killing Thousands

Published on July 21, 2017

38,000 domesticated Mink Can’t Survive in the wild. (A quick web search could have told them that.)

The farmer is devastated. He’s been doing this all his life. He loves his animals.

And now, even the rescued ones are killing each other, because their family units have been disrupted.

Dan Lang has a message for the vandals that released more than 38,000 mink into the wild: You gave my animals a death sentence.

There were mink dead all over the road,” he said, describing the scene at Lang Fur Farms northwest of Eden Valley on Monday.

Investigators, who now include the FBI, believe more than one person dismantled the exterior fence at Lang Farm between 10:30 p.m. Sunday and 5:30 a.m. Monday. Lang and a slew of neighbors and regional mink farmers spent hours rounding up live mink using nets. But Lang estimates more than half the animals are dead. — Read More

Carcasses lie in piles on the farm. Live animals — including kits separated from their mothers and siblings — are now fighting because they aren’t in their normal groupings.

“We just threw mink in pens to try to get as many back as we could. And now they are killing each other,” he said. “And they’re still dying. They are still dying from heat stress.”

Lang’s family has been in the fur business since 1936. Lang and his brother Scott took over the family business about five years ago, but Lang has been around mink all his life.

…”It is absolute chaos,” Lang said. “I wish these people that did this would come here every day for two weeks, and they could help pick up the dead ones.” — Read More

How many activists follow the same pattern? They get it in their head that they are a zealot on some ‘higher moral’ plane. They back some dopey cause that makes laws and rights, and the impact on others irrelevant.

And then, once they put their plan in motion, even the people (or animals) they are trying to help are worse off because they’ve gone off half-cocked.

If they’d read (and understood) this, they wouldn’t have destroyed a multi-
million-dollar family farm, and thousands of animals lives.


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