WUSSIFICATION: Liberals Cut Out Condemnation Of ‘Barbaric Cultural Practices’ From Citizenship Guide

Written by K. Walker on July 28, 2017

Well, they wouldn’t want to ‘offend’ potential voters, would they?

Government policy made clear — as part of the Citizenship Process — that some behavior that is common elsewhere CANNOT happen here. But the new PC Princeling has a very different vision:

Canada’s Liberal government has removed condemnation of “barbaric cultural practices” like Muslim honor killings and female genital mutilation from the study guide used to complete the Canadian citizenship exam. — DailyCaller

This is our friendly neighbor to the North. This is the PC goal — Trudeau is the exact opposite of #MAGA. He is a globalist who has declared Canada is the world’s first ‘Post-National State’. Dangerous words, dangerous ideas we do NOT want our OWN leftists to copy and borrow. But of course, they’re already trending in that direction.

‘‘There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,’’ Trudeau claimed after the October election. ‘‘There are shared values — openness, respect, compassion, willingness to work hard, to be there for each other, to search for equality and justice.” —Vancouver Sun

If you don’t have a CORE culture, you have no basis for saying ‘you can’t do that here’. (Kissing the ass of a ‘global community’ is always a bad idea. Here’s why.)

Like Honor killings. Or FGM. Becuase that would be ‘Anti-Muslim’. (If you can’t be Muslim without honor killings or FGM, maybe you shouldn’t be moving to a Western nation.)

It gets worse:

The documentation makes sure to play up the sins of Canada’s past (echoes of the Left’s Blame America First crowd) while leaving out the things that made it a destination worth coming to in the first place.

His government also dropped language in the Citizenship process about the expectation of newcomers to find work. (Gee, wonder why?)

This is the same Prime Minister that fast-tracked $10.5M to former Gitmo Detainee Omar Khadr (he killed US Army Medic Speer, and his dad was Osama Bin Laden’s money guy), but has not reached out to Speer’s widow, and wants people to stop asking him that question. (Conservative former PM Stephen Harper, by contrast, HAS reached out to Speer’s family).

Trudeau has also said explicitly — and amended law to reflect this — that a person should NOT have their Canadian Citizenship stripped merely because they have joined in a fight for a foreign military or militia (like ISIS).

(The Conservatives before him had written a law that stripped the citizenship of terrorists.)

Besides that, he’s basically an all-around d-bag. But then, his warm praise of Castro when he died should have been a tip-off.

Here’s a video that will make you hate Justin Trudeau (almost) as much as the Conservative Canadians we know hate him:

The Effeminization Of The American Male
by Doug Giles

Doug Giles, best-selling author of Raising Righteous And Rowdy Girls and Editor-In-Chief of the mega-blog, ClashDaily.com, has just penned a book he guarantees will kick hipster males into the rarefied air of masculinity. That is, if the man-child will put down his frappuccino; shut the hell up and listen and obey everything he instructs them to do in his timely and tornadic tome. Buy Now:The Effeminization Of The American Male

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 8.24.46 AM

But let’s be honest. That’s a book with lots of words.

Here’s something more Trudeau’s speed:

Doug Giles, Creator of ClashDaily.com and author of the #1 Amazon best-seller, The Effeminization Of The American Male, has created a coloring book just for the fragile little college snowflakes.

A Coloring Book for College Crybabies

Check this out from Amazon.com’s product description …

Dear College Student:

Here’s a coloring book just for you! We know you’re angry that Trump got elected so we’re here to help exorcise your devils and give you some much-needed relief through coloring.

If you haven’t ever colored before, here are some tips to help you draw a pretty picture that you can cherish for years to come.

It’s pretty simple. Just try to stay inside the lines. That’s it. Have fun and use all your crayons. Make your Mommy and Daddy proud. Hell, who knows … they might even put it on their refrigerator for all your friends and relatives to see!

God bless you, little Tinkerpot.

Your Friend,
Doug Giles

Doug tells us his new coloring book ‘is very offensive, will definitely melt snowflakes, and God & Country lovin’ Americans will howl with laughter over its contents’

If you hate America’s WUSSIFICATION of young people you’ll LOVE Giles’ new coloring book and of course his best-seller, The Effeminization Of The American Male.

Available now at Amazon:


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