Yo, CNN: Massive ‘Free Iran’ Rally Is Held In Paris — Is That News?

Written by K. Walker on July 13, 2017

There is a massive gathering annually to free Iran. The Media (D) doesn’t report on it very much. Do you know why?

Well, just like they show the 100 pro-baby killing protesters and not the 650,000 pro-lifers that attend the March for Life. (Which they’ve now attempted to smear as ‘anti-abortion’. Yeah, I’m cool with being called ‘anti-death-to-babies’.)

A Free Iran isn’t exactly ‘multicultural’, is it?

The Left doesn’t want to get all judgey.

‘Cause any enemy of Israel is a friend of theirs — or something.

Iran supports the BDSM movement — I mean, BDM movement. My bad. I get those confused all the time. It’s because there’s pretty much the same. Inflict pain on someone else for your own sadistic, sexual pleasure, amirite?

Iran isn’t a big fan of American foreign policy, just like the Left.

Iran is an authoritarian regime, just like the Left with their policing of speech and curtailing of freedoms.

Both of them cheer against traditional American exceptionalism — they are both staunchly ‘anti-MAGA’.

So it’s really no surprise that the Media (D) would keep mum about it.

Here’s a video promoting the July 1 rally:

From the Clarion Project:

As the number one state sponsor of terrorism and the source of a fundamentalist ideology, the Iranian regime is the principal contributor to the crises that are riddling the Middle East. And the past eight years have proven that appeasing the mullahs ruling Iran will only render a bad situation worse.

It is now more evident than ever that only a free and democratic Iran can help restore peace and stability in the region, not one that is ruled by the current religious fascist regime.

However, contrary to what the proponents of the appeasement policy toward Iran have tried to portray, regime change in Iran does not require another bloody conflict in the region. It is now more possible than ever, and the people of Iran, along with their organized resistance movement (NCRI/MEK), have all they need to bring democracy and freedom to their country.

Hundreds of politicians, parliamentarians, religious leaders gathered with tens of thousands of Iranian expats to speak against the authoritarian regime and push for democracy and freedom in Iran.

That’s no surprise if you’ve ever met an Iranian expat. And I’ve met a bunch of them over the years. The ones I know are horrified with what is happening in their country.

The Trump administration has officially put Iran on notice and is reviewing its policy toward the regime in Tehran. Also, the U.S. Senate has passed a bill that will enact new sanctions on the Iranian regime for its nuclear-related activities, terrorist ventures and human rights violations, domains that were considered off-limits during Obama’s tenure.

“The outcome of the president’s policy review should be to determine that the Ayatollah Khomeini’s 1979 revolution will not last until its 40th birthday,” Bolton said.

Here is John Bolton’s speech (with his awesome slap at Barry and Hillary!):

“The next time there’s popular dissent [in Iran], it will be across the whole country, it will be organized,” Gingrich said. “And that at that point, unlike what happened last time, when the American government shamefully did nothing, at that point, the Trump administration needs to be prepared and leaning forward and ready to do everything it can to help freedom win and dictatorship lose in the great struggle that is underway in Iran.”

Watch Newt Gingrich’s speech:

But the pièce de résistance (hey, it was held in France!) is their leader.

“Would giving concessions ever change the behavior of this regime? The answer is no,” said Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), during her keynote at the event. “This is something that has been already tested repeatedly for the past three decades by the US and Europe. And is it possible to contain this regime? No. the policy has been called containment, but in effect, it does nothing but obstructing the adoption of a firm policy against the regime.”…

…The greatest force of change in Iran is the people themselves, Rajavi reminded.

“Despite the regime’s deafening propaganda, the greatest threat to the regime is not a foreign enemy, but the very revolts in society, waiting to erupt,” she said…

…There are now 10 million unemployed Iranians in the country and 20 million who live in slums. The grave-living crisis that made the headlines last year is another manifestation of the spiraling living conditions of the Iranian people.

“The reality is that the overthrow of the religious dictatorship is possible and within reach because of the regime’s incompetence,” Rajavi said.

Yes, a woman is the president-elect.

How do you think leaders in Iran will like that?

Not much more than they’ll like her words:

Finally! A strong woman leading an actual resistance that we could get behind.

And she’s not alone. Many stand with her.

Her thoughts were echoed by other speakers at the event. “It is long past time to declare the Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization,” Giuliani said. “They have on their hands the blood of so many of your people. But they have on their hands the blood of my people, too, who they helped to kill in Iraq, and who they’ve helped to kill for years, and who they’ve held hostage.”

Watch Rudy Guiliani’s speech:


And this is why we need the New Media.

To cover the things that the Media (D) will leave out because of their own bias.

Just knowing that there is a massive movement of Iranians that want a free Iran is going to make me sleep better at night.

And knowing that it’s a strong woman leading makes the whole thing that much sweeter.

We need more heroes like Mrs. Maryam Rajavi.

And we need to tell those appeasing wussies *cough* Obama *cough* that enough is enough.

It’s time for a revolution in Iran — and it need not be bloody.

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