3 Scouts Killed While Doing A Very Normal Activity – It’s A Mega Lesson For All

Published on August 8, 2017

Even ‘good, clean fun’ in the outdoors has hazards.
They probably didn’t even notice the danger they faced until too late.

A scout troop in Texas took to the water and were enjoying themselves sailing on a Catamaran.

People would probably call this a ‘freak accident’. And anything that takes the lives of three teens is obviously ‘tragic’.

In one way, it was ‘an accident’ and in another way, it was not.

Had they been aware of the hazard, and watching for it, this is something they might have avoided, saving all three of their lives.

Three Boy Scouts have died after a boat they were sailing in struck an overhanging power line while they were on a troop trip to a Texas lake.
Heath Faucheux, 16, and Will Brannon, 17, are believed to have been fatally electrocuted when their catamaran hit a power line at Lake O’The Pines, Texas, on Saturday.

An eleven-year-old, Thomas Larry, survived longer than the other two but also succumbed to his injuries.

Most people would reasonably chalk this tragic outcome up to ‘misadventure’. They didn’t notice the power line they were sailing toward, or they didn’t realize that there was not enough clearance to get safely through beneath it.

On the other hand, it’s a good reminder to all of us that most activities (even ‘safe’ ones) have real risks attached to them. And we owe it to ourselves to be aware of them since nobody will do that for us.

Like these guys who thought they’d be in the clear just ‘watching’ the running of the bulls ‘from the sidelines‘. (How’d that one bull wind up on a ROOFTOP? Let’s hope they were all wearing their running shoes.)

And even a ‘simple’ walk in the woods can take you face to face with bears.

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The hazards of power lines while on the water are just as important to be aware of as the hazards of bears, bulls, or even drowning.

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