Carjacker Tries To Jack The Wrong Driver – The Video Footage Is Pure Gold!

Published on August 28, 2017

And Just. Like. That…
This moron went from badass gangsta to Internet Laughing Stock.

There isn’t too much to be said about this one.

They were just driving down the street and saw something weird.

A guy hanging off the door of a moving car.

And by ‘moving’ we mean ‘driving down the street’.



This gansta moron was being dragged on the street. Behind an SUV, with the door ajar.

Great plan so far, eh?

But then the SUV comes to a stop.

What’s he do? He stands up and tries to continue the carjacking.

So the driver hits the gas. And he’s dragging again.

Only thing is…

All this dragging has had an unexpected consequence.

He’s lost his pants.

So this loser is being dragged down some city street, naked from the waist down.

Like the idiot he is.

Don’t be like him. Make something of your life.

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