CLASH POLL: Is Kim Jong-Un Dumb Enough To Nuke The U.S.?

Really? People standing with upraised fists are supposed to be intimidating?

Sorry to burst your bubble, lil’ Kim. That ‘raised fist’ thing has been tried before.

They claim they’re not afraid of Trump’s reference to ‘fire and fury’. That’s a problem that can and will bite him in the ass if he presses it far enough. Literally, ALL the world is against him on this.

But should we really be surprised that he’s sticking to his guns?

He lives in a nation of yes-men. (The people who have said ‘no’ are already shot. It’s a little like working for Google.)

That’s what happens when you (and your people) start to believe that the psychopathic despots (now on their third generation) are actually ‘divine’.

And since the death of the Dear Leader on 17 December, the media have focused their attention on a series of strange, natural phenomena being reported across the country – a giant lake of ice cracking in half, a red glow covering the mountain where their leader was born and, most recently, magpies gathering by the dozens in a single tree, in grief, according to one party official.
“We can’t dismiss it as just a natural phenomenon,” he told state television. “It shows that not only the people of the world, but the animals too, cannot forget our Dear Leader.” —

There’s even a Top-Ten list of things you never knew you that you never knew about him.

He invented the Hamburger, for example. And he never uses the toilet. And he had a supernatural birth. And he can control the weather. And Japan had stolen time from Korea once. But don’t worry, Kim Jong Un got it back.

So basically, he’s their Chuck Norris. Except that he’s a fratricidal incompetent with a pot belly.

It’s so bad over there that people will endure unspeakable horrors in an attempt to escape.

So he’s got a real-deal god complex. He has a population of scared puppets who praise him and make him believe his own propaganda. And he’s got a radioactive toy to play with.

Mattis gave him this reality check to chew on:

“The DPRK must choose to stop isolating itself and stand down its pursuit of nuclear weapons,” Mattis said in a statement. DPRK is short for the North’s official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
“The DPRK should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people,” Mattis said.
“The DPRK regime’s actions will continue to be grossly overmatched by ours and would lose any arms race or conflict it initiates,” he added.
Mattis added that while the State Department was making diplomatic efforts, the United States and its allies have the most “precise, rehearsed and robust defensive and offensive capabilities on Earth.” —Reuters

The real question is: just HOW suicidally stupid is this guy, anyway?

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