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Dear CNN: Major Liberal Leader SLAMS Your Beloved AltLeft ‘Prostesters’ – Is That News?

It’s not often we get to say that we agree with this guy on anything.
But even HE thinks Antifa is bad news.

Noam Chomsky is often on the wrong side of history.

The man cheered the rise of Pol Pot for example.

But even he is no fan of Antifa.

While some of his arguments WHY are weak and flawed (no surprise there), and least he’s got the good sense to oppose them.

We hope others on the Left will follow suit.

MIT linguistics professor, anti-capitalist activist and leftist icon Noam Chomsky disrupted the narrative being pushed by his colleagues on the Left about the “anti-fascist” Antifa movement. Rather than being the heroic defenders of the disenfranchised against the forces of fascism, as the left-leaning media is attempting to portray them, Chomsky described the group as a “major gift to the Right,” “often wrong in principle,” and “generally self-destructive.” —DailyWire

So far, so good, Professor Chomsky.

As for Antifa, it’s a minuscule fringe of the Left, just as its predecessors were,” Chomsky said of the movement, composed of a ragtag group of loosely affiliated socialists, Marxists, racial activists, and anarchists who are willing to use force to promote their agenda. “It’s a major gift to the Right, including the militant Right, who are exuberant.”

“[W]hat they do is often wrong in principle — like blocking talks — and [the movement] is generally self-destructive,” he said. Their violent tactics, predicted Chomsky, will inevitably lead to their destruction because the “toughest and most brutal” always win, which Chomsky suggests is the white supremacist fascists they purport to be combating.

“When confrontation shifts to the arena of violence, it’s the toughest and most brutal who win – and we know who that is,” —DailyWire

…and he just couldn’t help himself, could he?

Just when he was doing so well.

Ok. What did he get right?

Antifa is wrong in principle. — check. We agree with that.

Self-destructive — check. They’ll destroy themselves and anything else they are turned loose upon.

Minuscule fringe — check. He’s probably right about that. It’s hard to say for sure with outside interests funding their movements which will pad their numbers and let them lurk within larger crowds.

Major gift to the right…including the militant right — half points for that one.

Is it a gift to the right? It does demonstrate what we’ve been saying about the Left’s authoritarian tendencies. Toe the line with the Left’s politics or be demonized, and worse.

When Democrats line up to demand a policy that mirrors what admitted Communist anarchists are facing charges for doing in Durham? And Nancy Pelosi (with others) call the White House ‘white supremacist’?

That certainly helps the right… to expose who these people really are.

As for ‘we know who that is’ — that’s bogus.

He’s implying that there is a large, well-connected group of racist thugs who will be energized by this.

There are still some racists out there. But don’t forget, even in Charlottesville, numbers were estimated at what… two or three hundred? Tops? Compare that to the organized, bussed in groups who are HAPPY to mace strangers unprovoked, or throw urine bombs and bricks at law enforcement.

The well-funded Antifa crowds who consistently roll up and flood the streets with ‘whose street? our street!’

So if Antifa gets to be called ‘fringe’… then the racists on the right are even more so.

But there is ONE group they really should be afraid of… actual America-loving Constitution-loving patriots.

If lawless, vicious mask-wearing bastards are dumb enough to pick a fight with those people… and spark the urge to hit back with serious force..? They cannot hope to win.

And for once, Noam would be exactly right.

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