University Drops World’s Oldest English Erotic Book – It’s ‘Offending’ Snowflakes

Written by K. Walker on August 17, 2017

WTF? Marching in assless chaps in a Pride Parade is ‘awesome’, but they’re banning books now?

Don’t you miss the days when it was doddering stuffy Church Ladies who got their panties in a wad about “Mice and Men” and other books with ‘problematic’ language? You know, the kind you could just smile, nod and ignore?

That was a lot better to deal with the Loud, Obnoxious killjoys on the Left who see books like Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” as models to be copied, not warnings to be shunned.

While they stop short of BURNING books, they certainly have a ‘heretics list’ of books that the public must not be taught in schools. (Twain is on it.) Their logic is usually heavily steeped in the Cult of Intersectional Feminism.

The oldest erotic novel in English Literature is now being pulled from study in University.

It remains one of the most widely banned books in history, shocking readers with its ‘pornographic’ content centuries before Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

Nearly 270 years on, it seems that modern day students are proving equally squeamish, as Fanny Hill, the first ever erotic novel written in English, has been dropped from the University of London curriculum for fear of offending students.

Fanny Hill, or Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, was first published in 1748. Written while the author was in debtors prison in London, it’s the story of an ageing courtesan who looks back with “stark naked truth” on her scandalous life.-Telegraph

The rules of the perpetually offended are so confusing.

Does this mean the Vagina Monologues will be banned now, too? Or are they ‘awesome’? What are today’s new rules?

That the problem when you get rid of any moral absolutes. The goal posts keep changing.

And the more power the Left gets, the more authoritarian they will become.

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