Democrat Forced To Quit Because Of His BIZARRE Sexual Fetish – So Gross

Published on September 9, 2017

This guy’s so scuzzy he almost makes Anthony Weiner look mainstream by comparison.
In fact, it’s only the involvement of a minor that makes us say ‘almost’.

Dude wants to play dress-up games? Creepy. But keep us out of it.

He dresses up as a dog?

(Ok.. a ‘fox’. That’s SOOO much better.)

That ramps up the weird factor. ‘Furries’ are a thing. A weird thing, but a thing, nevertheless.

But then he said something about rape that got him in trouble.

Town Council member Scott Chamberlain had never made a secret of his deep involvement in Furry Fandom, a subculture of adults who dress in mascot-like animal costumes, attend role-playing conventions and interact regularly online.

But an uproar ensued when a town resident posted on a community Facebook page several screenshots of Chamberlain’s profile from a private website catering to “furries,” many of whom participate in or write about unusual sexual practices. The profile includes a list of Chamberlain’s “loves,” “likes” and “hates,” some sexual in nature, but also said that he “tolerates” rape. — DownTrend

Uh-oh. That’s bad news. Even for a Democrat.

And just like Weiner had is nickname (Carlos Danger) this guy had one of his own… ‘grey muzzle’.

Come to think of it, Weiner had rape fantasies of his own, didn’t he?


If a Republican stumbles in his marital fidelity — or is even ACCUSED of such a thing without any evidence to back it up (remember Herman Cain) his career goes down in flames.

But Democrats play by different rules.

Remember how the media covered for John Edwards while he was being a scumbag?

Or how Anthony Weiner got anther chance (which he blew).

Then there was that ONE guy who was accused of any number of sexual misconducts… several of them criminal.

That guy who argued about what the definition of ‘is’ is. Anybody remember him?

But Scott Chamberlain is a Democrat who must not have been very well connected. Why?

Because his party dropped him like a hot potato.

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