GYM RATS: Here’s Why You Should ALWAYS Have A Spotter When You Go Heavy – OUCH!

Written by K. Walker on September 30, 2017

This bro thought he could handle it all on his own. He was wrong.

An Australian man was attempting a heavy lift and it all went horribly wrong. A surveillance camera caught the terrifying moment it all went south and the 120 kg weight (265 lbs) dropped on his throat and pinned him to the bench.

The horrifying clip, which was caught on CCTV at Genesis gym at Morayfield, Brisbane, shows 28-year-old Jason Layt attempting a heavy lift without a spotter.

The bar suddenly falls from his grip and onto his chest, pinning the gym-goer down for 17 seconds, before it rolls onto his throat and he is forced to wrench his neck to one side in hopes of wriggling free.

‘It pays to have a spotter, you have to have one,’ he told the Courier Mail.

Layt says that the incident left him ‘shaking’ and in a neck brace for more than 5 hours at the hospital.


Jason Woodforth, champion bodybuilder, and owner of the gym said that it could happen to anyone. He’s said that he’s spoken with an Australian Olympic lifter that’s ‘run into trouble a few times’.

Ultimately, it isn’t the gym’s responsibility to watch your back — you have to take care of yourself.

‘Mr Layt’s incident happened in the middle of the day so it just goes to show that even when people are around they can’t be watching you the whole time,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

‘If you’ve got nothing left in the tank than rack it. When you’re doing deadlifts or squats you can always drop the bar but you don’t have that same luxury while bench pressing…

…’It’s not the gym’s responsibility to take care of you. Don’t try and challenge yourself if you can’t get that sixth or seventh rep.’

This incident is the second time that this same accident has occurred in Australia in just a few days.

The previous incident was when a 15-year old boy was critically injured because he was left with the weight on him for an estimated 30 minutes.

Ben Shaw, 15, is believed to have been stuck for up to 30 minutes at around 8:30am on Tuesday after dropping a piece of heavy shy equipment on his neck.

Staff at the Pine Rivers PCYC administered first aid to the boy before paramedics arrived and took him to Lady Cilento Hospital in a critical condition.

Friends of Ben say he was a regular at the gym and had been competing in junior weightlifting competitions across the state.
Source: Daily Mail

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