HOLY COW! Look At The BIG Difference Between Hurricane Andrew & Irma

Published on September 8, 2017

Andrew hit us for $26.5 Billion dollars worth of damage. That was a major storm, right?

Don’t look now, but if you compare the two storms side-by-side, it’s pretty scary.

This isn’t taking anything away from Andrew.

This is just underscoring how serious a threat the entirety of Florida is now facing.

Andrew is the smaller one in this picture.

Irma’s about the size of Texas.

If you were wondering why people were freaking out about this storm, this would be why.

Some predictions are north of $200Billion in damages.

“There’s no structure in Miami that’s built to withstand 185 mph winds,” said Keith Wolfe, president U.S. property and casualty for Swiss Re. “Nothing is designed for that, because it’s such an outlier event. But as we can see with Irma, it’s possible. All your windows will get blown out at 180 mph. And then all the water will come in, so even if you’re up in a condo on the 42nd floor, it’s going to be like you were on the ground floor.” — MiamiHerald

Take it seriously.

Whether you’re leaving, or ‘sheltering in place’, plan with the expectation that we’re dealing with something more serious than just a weekend away.

Ask anyone who lived in Homestead, Florida.

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