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WATCH: Lingerie Football Star Weighs In On The NFL Kneelers – Is She Cuckoo Or Correct?

If only the MEN were as articulate as this FEMALE athlete. At least then, we wouldn’t have to try to GUESS what the whole point of their ‘movement’ is.

You might agree with her take, or you might write her off as loopy.

Either way, at least she can put words to her ideas, and reasons behind them instead of meaningless and over-used platitudes like ‘solidarity’.

I’d like to see even HALF of the ‘take-a-knee’ crowd try to explain what they are standing for, let alone what they hope to accomplish, or what would happen to make them willing to stop.

As far as we can tell, they’re not thinking this through and not even TRYING to think it through. It’s just high-profile bandwagon-jumping by a bunch of emotional lemmings.

But Ogom Chijindu, to her credit, took the time to explain her reasons.


What do you think of her reasons, or the details she cites?

“Touchdown”, or “incomplete”?

Then again… when she’s not waxing eloquent about politics, she’s undercutting her moral authority.

Undercutting it by, say getting weird and creepy on the field…

and putting out a ‘booty video’ like this on ‘World Star Hip Hop’, hoping for an endorsement so… take that as you will.

Here’s the CLASH take on the issue:

What do YOU think? Is she right or ridiculous?

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