Dear America: That Delicious Watermelon You’re Eating Is ‘Racially Insensitive’ – No, This Isn’t Satire

Written by K. Walker on October 11, 2017

Has political correctness gone too far? Check out what happened to this bro when he brought a watermelon to his work.

Robert Pattison, a 41-year old firefighter, brought the gift of a whole watermelon with a pink bow as a gift to his fellow firefighters on his first day.

The usual gift is a box of donuts, but Pattison chose a watermelon.

Pattison was still in his probationary period and was fired from his job because the gesture was seen as racist.

90 percent of the firefighters at that particular firehouse are black.

Watch the Fox 2 News report:

Really, what’s the deal here?

Why is watermelon racist?

The Atlantic covers that in excruciating detail, and why watermelon should still be seen as racist today.

To sum up, after emancipation, many freed blacks grew watermelon as a way to be self-sufficient. In an era that was changing, many blacks had to find a way to take care of themselves and their families. They planted, grew, ate, and sold watermelon.

It literally became a symbol of their freedom.

And they were mocked for it by being called lazy, messy, and childish in newspapers, and the watermelon became associated with freed blacks.

If you were to ask people today why watermelon is racist, that’s probably not the answer you’re given. It’s more something ridiculous like, ‘because black people like watermelon’.

That’s just unbelievably stupid.

Lots of people of all sorts of ethnicities like watermelon.

There are deeper questions here, though.

What happened to the Leftist idea of ‘taking back’ the symbols?

Isn’t that why the ‘N’ word is accepted in some circles but not in others?

(Personally, I don’t think anyone should use it because of the well-known history of the word.)

But if people don’t know the ‘racist history’ of watermelon, is it still a racist trope?

Should watermelon still be viewed that way? Or have we moved on past that?

Did Robert Pattison read that article in the Atlantic and still bring in the watermelon to work?

Was he doing it to be a douchebag?

Or was he choosing a healthier option than donuts to bring to a fire hall?

We have no idea.

And that’s the problem.

This guy was fired and it may have been because watermelon was on sale at the grocery store.

That is just stupid.

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