Are Today’s Radical Leftists Fueling A Society of Hate?

There has always been a differing of opinion about everything in our country, and there should be. That’s an earmark of a healthy, open society. However, over the last decade, we have witnessed an environment of hate crop up. It has crept into America and it is extremely dangerous.

How did this happen? It escalated with the arrival of Barack Hussein Obama, who claimed that he was going to “fundamentally transform America”, and he did…but not for the better. Obama brought people into the Democrat party who, like him, wanted to take down the United States of America to a third-world status and their tactics are straight out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook. It consists of lying, cheating, pushing racial division, creating chaos, and indoctrinating our youth. Helping him was, and is, the Hollywood Hypocrites, the mainstream media, Academia, and several politicians.

According to the Liberals it is okay to verbally and physically attack anyone who disagrees with you. Black Lives Matter and Antifa sprung up and have become stronger over time. They continue to receive financial support from George Soros and encouragement from Barack Obama. The former First Lady, Michelle Obama, has spent a lot of time running around spewing anti-white verbiage. We hear many rantings and ravings that they hate America…and that is a disgrace. The Left has no problems disrespecting the flag and the National Anthem. The only religion that is respected by the Libs, is Islam…and they have pandered to the Muslims for years. Christianity, Judaism and other religions have been criticized. They have encouraged anti-Christian and anti-Semitic protests and violence.

The vicious attacks on President Trump and his family, including children, is reprehensible. There is a loss of civility, humanity, compassion, and common sense. Those on the left are trying to outdo each other to see who can be the nastiest. After all, Obama had eight years to brainwash these mindless, ignorant, creatures, and even now his caravan of corrupt chiselers are still at it. They’re right there with the lies, the encouragement to violent behavior, and the blatant hatred of America.

The behavior of Congress is outrageous. They continue to block nominees for confirmation so we are loaded with hard-left judges who make up the law as they go along. They obviously had never read the Constitution of the United States. We have Democrat members of Congress who want, very much, to impeach the President even though there is no basis for this action. So why do they want to do this? Because they don’t like him, and because their “golden girl” Hillary lost the election.

The Obama administration brought in thousands of Muslims and allowed thousands of illegals to come into this country, without any vetting. Now, many towns and cities have been disrupted and their crime rates have soared. Much of the disdain and hatred of America comes from these groups. If you question this statement, just read the Qur’an and all about Sharia law. There’s plenty of hate in those surahs.

So what has emerged is a society of hate. Hate America, hate the Christians, hate the Jews, hate white people, hate anyone who disagrees with you. Use foul, nasty rhetoric and violence to attain your goals and make everyone see things as you do. That is the Liberal Manifesto, and that will destroy us.

Last word: We must fight the hate, the ignorance, the political correctness, and the violence, to keep America safe and free of the destructive, Progressive, Globalist agenda.

photo credit: Bhavishya Goel The red wall of despair via photopin (license)

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Sylvia Andrews

About the author, Sylvia Andrews: Sylvia Andrews has a Masters Degree in nursing, and has practiced for many years. She is politically active, holds strong opinions about how and where the country should be headed. A well-travelled person, she’s been to almost all 50 states and several foreign countries. She advocates for the Constitution and very much for the 2nd Amendment. She can be contacted at View all articles by Sylvia Andrews

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