PICTURED: Little Kids Draw Pics Of Parents’ SORDID Lifestyles And It’s HILARIOUS

Written by K. Walker on November 13, 2017

Kids are pretty perceptive, and they pick up more than you think they do.  Remember that at the next Parent-Teacher meeting.  I’m sure these ones were pretty awkward.

The children’s drawings offer some very revealing insights into their parents’ home life and habits – like the father who loves ‘sugar’ so much he ‘eats it with his nose’, to the mother whose job is ‘watching Ellen’.

It seems the parents who inspired the artworks eventually saw the funny side – enough to share the pictures online – but its unlikely any of these masterpieces made it onto the fridge.
Source: Daily Mail

Take a look at these future therapy sessions:

Ok, I have issues with that one. It looks too neat to be artwork by a kid.  It just doesn’t ring true to me.  What do you think?

You may have come across this one on social media before.  It’s been making the rounds since 2007.  The alleged back-story is that the mom worked at Home Depot and was selling the last shovel that they had in stock and desperate customers were eager to purchase it. Here’s the thing — it’s a joke started by a 17-year old.  

Now that we’ve got the two probable fakes out of the way, here are some that actually look authentic.

Can you relate to this dad?

How about this mom?

This mom has quite the transformation when she’s going out.

Here, the artist captures the reality of life:

Perhaps Mom and Dad need to work on communication:

Learning to spell correctly is really important.

More art imitating life.

This one is very disturbing…

And this one, too.

And uh…

If these people live in your house, no wonder you have issues.  Looks like a ghost and is that a snake…???  This actually looks like it might be Professor Xavier’s mansion from the Marvel Universe. Isn’t that Mystique there in the middle window on the upper floor?

That would be pretty cool!

Way to find the up-side of life.

This child is also an optimist:

Pudding makes people happy.

Wowza.  Some real issues here:

This looks like a real chicken and egg conundrum —  is Mom drinking because she had a rough day, or is she having a rough day because she’s drinking? Perhaps it’s just a misunderstanding, after all, a glass of red wine a day is supposed to be good for you.

We could all be better examples for our kids, because we’re all flawed.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to find the humor in it.

Next time, make sure your kiddo catches you doing something right.

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