Restaurant Posted A Sick Meme About The Texas Shooting — So We Put Them On Full Blast!

Written by K. Walker on November 7, 2017

This Leftist eatery isn’t shy about their politics, so we won’t be shy about our opinion.

The Ça Va is a ‘Midwestern French Bistro & Champagne Bar’ in Kansas City, Missouri.

We received a tip that the restaurant had posted a really offensive meme regarding the Texas shooting on social media.

After scouring the restaurant’s social media platforms, ClashDaily Editors couldn’t find the offending post. According to social media users, it appears that the offending photo had been deleted and the Instagram page of the restaurant edited.

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We have no other evidence than one photo that was screengrabbed, this is what Ça Va allegedly posted:

That is indeed the Instagram handle of Ça Va.

UPDATE: The image was found on their Yelp page:

Both other social media sites, Facebook and Twitter had no political messaging in their recent history.

In our hunting for the offensive post, we did find other things on their Instagram feed that were political in nature and lends credibility to this leftist restaurant posting the above bizarre image.

So, lemme first address the elephant in the room:

Terrorism actually has a meaning, and it doesn’t mean ‘lots of people have been killed by a Muslim’.   It doesn’t even mean ‘lots of people have been killed’.  It means a specific thing.

Check out the meaning according to the Oxford English Dictionary:

So, was Devin Patrick Kelley using violence and intimidation to achieve a political goal?


Ergo, not terrorism.

Horrible, senseless act of violence — yes.  But it was not terrorism.

The left is desperate to conflate the two issues of terrorism and gun control.

Don’t let them.

That was a pretty crappy thing to post so soon after this horrific tragedy in Sutherland Springs.

But it seems that the Ça Va Instagram page has several political posts on it — and they all tilt left.

This is the most recent post, which may have been the replacement post for the above Texas meme.  It has a similar hashtag, after all.

This one that is pro-baby killing and anti-gun simultaneously:

This one that is pro-‘Dreamer’  (note the #ResistNow hashtag in the caption):

And this one that, I almost hesitate to post, because I also agree that white supremacy is vile, but recently, the term ‘white supremacy’ consists of things like saying ‘It’s OK to be white’.  It also shows that followers like their political stance and ‘using their platform’ to ‘speak out’.

We did find this Public post on Facebook (we will not redact names and profile pictures because these are all comments on a public post):

And here’s the reaction to the above post:

Many were shocked but others weren’t surprised at all.

Someone thought it was fake, but then looked into it.

Some chose to express their opinion via a restaurant review:

And then… *poof!*

It was gone.

Not only was the photo removed, but according to one user, the Instagram page was shut down briefly.

But then, they were back, with another #guncontrol hashtag.

One poster commented on the new call for gun control post and screen grabbed it.  At the time of publication, that comment had been removed from the Instagram feed.

So, not only are these leftists at Ça Va pushing their agenda on social media, they’re censoring folks that question them on it.

Is this a place that you would want to give your business to?

Let us know in the comments.

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