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New Liberal Rule: Buying From Farmers Markets Means You’re A ‘Racist’

When your field of ‘study’ includes ‘food justice’ a story like this is kind of inevitable, isn’t it?

These Lefties really need to make up their minds about what’s ‘socially conscious’ and ‘helping promote good health’ vs. what’s racist.

Because the ‘everything is racist’ is wearing thin, really fast.

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Now race-baiters have Farmers Markets in their sights.


It wasn’t that long ago when the press breathlessly reported THIS story about Michelle Obama. Maybe you remember it, too.

First lady Michelle Obama bought several items Thursday at the launch of a new farmers market blocks from the White House. Mrs. Obama spoke about the importance of healthy eating to about 300 shoppers gathered in the drizzling rain. Michelle bought cheese, fingerling potatoes, eggs, black kale and other items. Mrs. Obama praised farmers markets as places where Americans can learn more about how their food is produced. “You get to know the people who grow your food, how they do it, you know, who they are as people,” she said.
Source: Pursuitist

Remember when it was cool to try to provide better access to fresh produce in urban centers where not everyone could get to a grocery store with a well-stocked produce section?

Food deserts are defined as parts of the country vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods, usually found in impoverished areas. This is largely due to a lack of grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and healthy food providers.

This has become a big problem because while food deserts are often short on whole food providers, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, instead, they are heavy on local quickie marts that provide a wealth of processed, sugar, and fat laden foods that are known contributors to our nation’s obesity epidemic. The food desert problem has in fact become such an issue that the USDA has outlined a map of our nation’s food deserts, which I saw on Mother Nature Network.

The Food Desert Locator is a part of the First Lady’s Let’s Move initiative to end childhood obesity.

According to the USDA: Part of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative, the proposed Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI) will expand the availability of nutritious food to food deserts—low-income communities without ready access to healthy and affordable food—by developing and equipping grocery stores, small retailers, corner stores, and farmers markets with fresh and healthy food.
Source: American Nutrition Association

That’s SO five minutes ago.

Now Farmer’s Markets are ‘racist’. Why?

Two San Diego State University (SDSU) professors recently criticized farmers’ markets for being “white spaces” that contribute to the oppression of minorities.
…This social exclusion is reinforced by the “whiteness of farmers’ markets” and the “white habitus” that they can reinforce, the professors elaborate, describing farmers’ markets as “white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are normalized.”
Source: Campus Reform

Why are they bad? Because Farmers’ Markets help raise property values. And improve the community overall.

Which is unfair to the poor. Apparently.

And implicitly ‘racist’. Like absolutely everything else in the world. Even milk.

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Don’t be fooled by the title — this ain’t just for Grandpa.
The Snowflake Generation — and the rest of America — needs a good ol’ dose of ‘Grandpa wisdom’.
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They want to be protected by the police and the military, but they attack and criticize the men and women who protect us. They call conservatives “racists,” but it’s their own identity politics that have created race problems in the first place. After all, Democrats were the party of slavery!

They attack hunters, but have no problem wearing leather shoes or owning cars with leather upholstery! And of course, they believe guns kill people. Not the people that pull the trigger.

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