Watch: Idiots Hassle Bro On Bike – Cyclist Gets Epic & Immediate Revenge

Published on December 18, 2017

You could call his reaction ‘explosive’. Last laugh goes to the guy on the bike — in a big way.

Admit it. You’ve WANTED to pull a stunt like this when some moron swerves in front of you in traffic. We all have.

That’s why they used to sell the push-button noisemakers that could ‘fire’ a death ray, missile or a grenade (or at least the corresponding sound effects) at the moron driving that other car who just ruined your commute.

But this guy? He’s actually doing it. And he came loaded for bear!

He was packing a lot of fireworks to pull off this stunt.

Yes. Fireworks.

Don’t take our word for it… check out the video.

The men and women in law enforcement that serve and protect us are commendable, but the response time means that they don’t get there when the bullets are flying.
Are you willing to wait 20 minutes for the police to show up?
It’s an issue that needs to be discussed within our churches and addressed by our church leaders.
We need some righteous badassery in the church to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our brothers and sisters in Christ from the preventable evil in this world.

We need to Obey Jesus.

Including what he said in Luke 22:36.

He [Jesus] said to them, “But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and
likewise a knapsack. And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one.
– The Holy Bible, English Standard Version

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