The Internet Melts Over Pic Of Doug Jones’ Gay Son Glaring At VP Pence

Written by K. Walker on January 4, 2018

First, the pic exploded on Instagram.  Now, every leftist on Twitter is posting it with their snarky anti-Pence comments.

It goes beyond snarky.

The LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP (that’s the new and expanded LGBT) crowd have a real hate for Vice President Pence.

They don’t like that he’s a devout Christian.

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They don’t like his pro-traditional marriage stance.

They don’t like his social conservatism, period.

They call him anti-LGBT and have had a gay dance party on his lawn leaving their garbage behind — including ‘glitter bombs’.

The LGBTQ++ lobby has consistently lied about Mike Pence supporting ‘electro-shock’ gay conversion therapy. They continually denigrate VP Pence because in his 2000 Congressional bid, he advocated that, ‘Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.’ This, to the activists and the Media (D) — but I repeat myself — means that Pence wants to ‘shock the gay’ out of people.

One tiny little problem…

It’s. Just. Not. True.

Propose government funding for counseling those that are ‘seeking to change their sexual behavior’ — which, by the way, might’ve prevented Anthony Weiner’s recent incarceration by explaining that sexting strangers is destructive both to a marriage and political career, and that doing so with a 15-year old isn’t just wrong, but also illegal — is suddenly anti-LGBTQ++.

But, hey, the LGBTQ++ community is quick to ignore facts that are inconvenient to them and suppress truth like this very personal one by Joseph Sciambra:

‘Surviving Gay’: A Firsthand Account You’d NEVER Hear From the LGBT Crowd

Oddly, the LGBTQ++ crowd never ever mention Hillary’s opposition to gay marriage up until 2006 and or Barry’s ‘evolution’ on gay marriage after his opposition to it in 2008.

Both of those, last time I checked, occurred after the year 2000.  The LGBTQ++ and the Media (D) will simply ignore that inconvenient truth.

So, of course, they’re celebrating this pic at the swearing-in of the new Alabama Senator.

Doug Jones’s openly gay son is giving VP Pence a look that could kill because he believes all the crapola:

Here are the cheers on the left-o-sphere portion of the internet:

Just look at the Twitter handles for most of them and that tells you so much about these folks.

It’s obvious that not a single one of them has read this, but they desperately need it:

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