LMAO: Iran Blames Trump For Anti-Government Protests – You’ll Love This!

Written by K. Walker on January 4, 2018

Look at that!  Iran’s leaders are taking a tip from the Democrats and the Media (D)!

Just like Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and (Dear Lord help us!) The View, Iran says that everything is Trump’s fault.

It has nothing to do with their skyrocketing inflation, the human rights violations, or the support of Hezbollah.

It’s because of President Trump’s tweets.

The Iranian government is so very, very angry that they’ve penned a letter to the United Nations.

Iran charged Wednesday that the U.S. “has crossed every limit” in international relations by expressing support for Iran’s anti-government protesters and said President Donald Trump’s “absurd tweets” have encouraged disruption.

In a letter to U.N. officials, Iranian Ambassador Gholamali Khoshroo complained that Washington was intervening “in a grotesque way in Iran’s internal affairs.” He said Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were personally stirring up trouble.

“The President and Vice-President of the United States, in their numerous absurd tweets, incited Iranians to engage in disruptive acts,” the ambassador wrote to the U.N. Security Council president and U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.
Source: ABC News

See?  It’s all the fault of the tweets.

What precisely do they expect the U.N. to do about President Trump’s tweets?

Are they going to tell him to stop?

Will they issue sanctions on the United States as they enjoy the benefits of meeting in the greatest country in the world?

And especially after our badass UN Ambassador Nikki Haley explained that they’re going to be ‘taking names’ and cutting funding?

Frankly, it’s damned good policy to speak out for the people of Iran.  President Trump had called them the ‘longsuffering citizens of Iran’.  He also said that the only thing that the Iranian regime fears more is its own citizens.

President Trump is actually standing up for human rights for the Iranian people, as opposed to pouring gasoline (in the form of millions of unmarked bills) on the dumpster fire that is the Iranian regime the way Obama did.

Barry lied about Iran’s President Rouhani being a ‘moderate’ and he did so because he wanted the ‘win’ of the Iran Deal.    Obama supported the regime with over a billion dollars.  He stayed out of the 2009 protests because he wanted to make the deal work.  That was horrendous foreign policy.  But then, what do you expect from an administration that relies on an ‘aspiring novelist’ to craft their foreign policy?

Riddle me this:  If Iran has shut down the internet, how would the Iranian people be influenced by President Trump’s tweets?


They are literally chanting ‘Death to Khamenei’ in the streets of Iran.  The first few minutes of footage in the video below is of a woman in Iran defiantly standing without her headscarf and waving a white scarf.

ClashDaily has reported on the ‘White Wednesday’ protests here.


The Media (D) was strangely silent on the Iranian protests, but you can be sure that they’ll cover it now.

After all, they analyze just about every tweet by this President and critique them in panel discussions.

And the Iranians know that.

They’re planning on using the Media (D) to push their own agenda just like the Democrats do.

And the Media (D) will fall for it because:

1. They hate President Trump more than anything

2. They don’t want to make Barry’s policy or the Iran Deal look bad

3. They want to continue to shape the narrative that President Trump (and his tweets) are damaging to American foreign policy

4. They can’t resist any attempt to put their fingers on the scale

5. They’re just not that bright and will be easily duped into getting in bed with Iran

It’s because they’re defenders of the tolerant, progressive ideology and will do anything to promote that agenda, even if it means siding with the theocratic dictatorship in Iran against America.

They are wussified, emasculated little idiots pushing their own agenda and they have no idea how to deal with a President with balls.

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