Nugent Weighs In On Trump’s Supposed S**thole Comment And It’s Perfect

President Trump’s honest statement about shithole countries has got zippo to do with the color of a person’s skin. Only vile soulless racists try to make it about that.

America needs smart, educated people to immigrate to America. We don’t need poor, uneducated bloodsuckers with zero skills from turdworld shitholes who will immediately go on welfare. We’ve got enough Americans already trained by democrats to suck off the Fedzilla teat. We don’t need more.

We’ve got shitholes in America. No one with means would want to live in certain sections of our cities that are gang-infested, violent, and crime-ridden filthy shitholes.

This is not to say we shouldn’t help people who live in turdworld countries. In fact, America already helps Haiti, El Salvador, and other poor and corrupt shitholes.

Count your blessings to be an American. The whole world sucks. America just sucks a lot less.

–Ted Nugent, Facebook.

In other words:

Did The Biblical Writers Ever Call A Place A 'Sh*t-hole?' – The Answer Might Surprise You

Did The Biblical Writers Ever Call A Place A 'Sh*t-hole?' – The Answer Might Surprise You

Posted by with Doug Giles on Monday, January 15, 2018

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