Dear Illegal Aliens: Our ICE Chief Has Some Muy Bad News For You – And I Mean, ‘MUY!’

Published on February 1, 2018

The same leftist pundits who will tell us how Congress ‘has to listen to’ FBI leadership recommendations will NOT be saying they should listen to this guy.

Of course not. He’s the ICE chief, and he ‘100% supports’ The Wall. And he’s got nothing positive to say about Sanctuary Cities.

Because Leftists have a long history of wrecking everything they try to fix, they’ve even botched their ‘grand plan’ with Sanctuary Cities. It actually results in MORE deportations, as Homan explains in this clip:


But he had a lot more to say than that.

“If we get a clean DACA bill, shame on all of us. You can’t address DACA and reward people that brought children here illegally and not address underlying reasons of DACA,” Homan told around 200 ICE officers, Border Patrol agents, and Department of Homeland Security officials here at the Border Security Expo on Wednesday.
…Sanctuary cities, end them. Detainers, legislate them. TVPRA, change it,” he said of the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act. “Asylum, raise the bar. We have the knowledge to fix it, but you know what we need is the willpower of Congress … I’ve been doing this 34 years, we’re talking about the same thing every year.”

In a passionate 40-minute speech, a red-faced Homan told officers he will never stop defending his 20,000 employees from progressive politicians and reporters who have criticized the agency’s arresting illegal immigrants who have established themselves in the United States.

“People ask me all the time, ‘So why’d you arrest the guy who’s been here 15 years and has two kids?’ Because he had his due process, he got his order from the judge to leave this country. He’s gotta leave,” Homan explained. “The billions of dollars we spend on law enforcement means nothing because you chose to have a U.S. citizen child while you knew you were in the country illegally. If that’s the message that you want to continue to send … you are never going to fix the southwest border.”
Source: Washington Examiner

There was more.

“I’m sick and tired of the vilification of the men and women of ICE and the Border Patrol,” Homan said to a surprised audience.

“This country spends billions of dollars a year on border security, immigration court, detention, immigration judges, attorneys, billions of dollars. At the end of that process, if you get a final order issued by an immigration judge after getting due process at taxpayer expense, if that final order doesn’t mean anything, there’s absolutely no integrity in the entire system,” he declared.
Source: Washington Examiner

Usually, politicians and Media paint ICE as the bad guys. Homan took it to them:

Rather than protecting communities, some politicians have perpetuated an illusion of “smoke and mirrors” to distract the public from the negative effects those policies are having on public safety.

“They [sanctuary cities] bankroll the very criminal organizations that have killed Border Patrol agents and killed special agents in ICE,” said Homan.

“It irritates me that a politician who has never held a badge and a gun, who doesn’t understand what we do every day, makes a decision of putting their own political careers ahead of the health and safety of a law enforcement officer. A shame!” Homan said in a part of his speech that he warned was not part of his prepared remarks.
Source: Washington Examiner

And he even pinpointed a very real reason why sanctuary cities aren’t merely a ‘local decision’.

“If they don’t think that these smuggling organizations, these criminal organizations aren’t using sanctuary cities as a selling point, they’re wrong,” Homan added. “Look, $5,000. I’ll get you to San Francisco. You won’t even get arrested ’cause they’ll hide you through ICE.”
Source: Washington Examiner

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