Dear Patriots: Do You Believe Comey’s Telling Us The Truth About The Memo?

Published on February 3, 2018

Comey is back in the news again… just where he loves to be. Is he a hero, a villain, or just a drama queen?

Memo Day has finally come, and all hell broke loose.

And right on cue… Comey found himself right in the middle of it. Not just because he was specifically named in the memo…

But also because he tweeted this in response to the release.

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“Dishonest and Misleading,” he said.

Precisely the words we might want to describe HIM with, having seen how he handled that Hillary investigation.

Dishonest and misleading… but doesn’t actually challenge any of the claims.

It was only a few weeks earlier he was going on about liberty:

Essential to your liberty… so long as you don’t count that inconvenient 4th Amendment among our liberties, amirite?

So, is it a ‘Nothingburger’ or a ‘Threat to National Security and our Democracy’?

It can’t be both…

What Comey seems to REALLY mean by ‘independent’ is to do whatever the hell he pleases ‘without oversight’. That may be his totalitarian pipe dream, but it is not what the Constitution set up.

And why not? Because every government official has to be accountable in some measure to the electorate.

We the people cannot vote out anyone in the FBI or the DOJ who goes out of line and — say — exonerates the accused before she’s even questioned — just because she’s got powerful political connections and might come back — what was that phrase Strozk and Page used? Oh right… ‘loaded for bear’.

That’s why every government appointee who is a part of the Executive Branch serves ‘at the pleasure’ of the HEAD of that executive branch. The very President you were clearly trying to sabotage… even on your way out the door.

Here is a breakdown of the Memo and its implications.


If you want something a little more bite-sized, we’ve got two posts that will help with that. One is a visual map of the players involved…

And the other is a summary of the actual Memo itself.

But he protests his innocence. He was the good guy in a swirling chaos of horrible choices. Do you buy it?

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