Question: If You Did A School Project On Michelle Obama, Would It Look Like This?

Written by K. Walker on February 1, 2018

Of COURSE Michelle loved it. It was praising her.

There was a story in the news about a little girl in third grade who made a class project featuring Michelle Obama. It was supposed to be a cutesy feelgood story about a little girl’s project being noticed by a celebrity.

The little girl can do whatever project she likes. It’s the media posturing over it that gets a little tiresome.

The girl made the project? Normal enough, one would think, especially for a little girl with — in her words — brown hair and brown skin who looks like her. But everything gets politicized.

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We might have suggested a different subject for that particular class project.

There are, after all, plenty of people in public life with hair and skin like little Alexandra who became famous because of their MERIT, rather than because of which powerful man they married.

(And yet, Feminists ‘admire’ Michelle, regardless how modest her personal accomplishments may have been. Insert obligatory ‘patriarchy’ line here.)

But Michelle gave the project an A+. Of course she did. It covered her favorite subject: Michelle Obama!

If someone asked us for some advice on how to do a report on Michelle Obama she might have been a little less generous with the grading.


We’d have something to say about her outrageous, racist, and frankly, semi-literate Thesis.
OMG: Here’s Michelle’s Weird, Race Obsessed Paper, From Princeton – It’s … Uh … Interesting

We might have something to say about her lunch programs:
Dude Who ‘Advised’ Michelle On Gross School Lunches Was Just Busted – Look Who He Stole From

That’s just the people who helped craft it — the actual food was even worse:
SCHOOL LUNCHES FROM AROUND THE WORLD: Make Michelle’s to Look Like Dog Meat

‘Stay hungry’ she says. ‘No problem’ the students answer.

We might mention her ‘slacktivism’ holding up a hashtag card for ‘bring back our girls’ — remember that?
If only she had some kind of a powerful connection she could have spoken with to try to make that happen.

Or how she calls herself — sit down for this one — a ‘sex symbol‘.

There are a lot of things to say about this woman who spent her career race-baiting, repeating how she lived in a house built by slaves, endlessly hating ordinary Americans, and not proud of her nation, living the luxurious ‘high life’ and hobnobbing with celebrities, that we don’t even need to get into her questionable fasion choices.

Does your grandpa go off on paltry politicians, whether they be Democrats or Republicans? Does he get misty eyed when he talks about God and Country and America’s future? And have you ever heard him scream, ‘Awww … Hell no!’ when Rosie O’Donnell starts yapping on television? If you answered yes to one, or all of the above, then your gramps will love Doug Giles’ latest book, My Grandpa Is A Patriotic Badass.

Don’t be fooled by the title — this ain’t just for Grandpa.
The Snowflake Generation — and the rest of America — needs a good ol’ dose of ‘Grandpa wisdom’.
Especially if that Grandpa is Doug Giles.
You’ll love My Grandpa Is A Patriotic Badass just as much as Grandpa will.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That is good news, considering the decline of our education system.

Instead of tweaking Liberals with bumper stickers with words that might be lost on many of them like “record levels of employment”, you can keep it simple in a way that is still sure to trigger all of them.

After all, why should anyone be left out of the fun? It’s perfect.

You don’t even need to speak English to appreciate the message.

Get yours here.

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