Advertisers Dump Ingraham Over Hogg & Parkland Controversy

Published on March 30, 2018

Hogg’s handlers knew just how to pressure her, too.


The list of advertisers that pulled their advertising has been updated.

*end update*

*update 2*

In addition to the advertisers listed below, by March 31, the list has grown to 11 companies that have pulled their ads:

  • Atlantis, Paradise Island
  • Jenny Craig
  • Stitch Fix
  • Office Depot

Source: CBS News

Additionally, she’s reported to be taking previously-unannounced time off next week.

*end update 2*

If Hogg’s approach to criticism is representative of his generation as a whole Americans would be even MORE foolish to give up their firearms than we first imagined.

The old rules, when someone offended you, were to either ignore them, or give a response.

Depending on the situation, that might be a joke, a metaphorical middle finger, or (if they’re worth the time and trouble) a reasoned breakdown of where they got it wrong.

That sounds like work.

Especially when it’s easier to just destroy the reputation or even livelihood of the person who offended you.

Laura Ingram (Fox) managed to offend Hogg. (I know, hard to imagine such a mellow and level-headed guy being upset about something, but it’s true.)

Here’s her offending tweet.

She was hardly the most insulting social media comment directed at his complaining about being rejected by schools. Saw a suggestion to attend “STFU”, for example, but haven’t been able to find it again.

So, what did the Social media darling do? Did he book an appearance on her show to discuss it? Nope. But he is welcome there and has been there before. Did he tell people why she was wrong?

No. He knee-jerked to a far more totalitarian impulse. Destroy her livelihood.

No matter that he spouts the most calumnious garbage at anyone who doesn’t think his policies are straight from the mouth of God.

He was offended. So he set out to break something — her show.

And yes, at least some of the advertisers pulled out.

Those companies pulling their ads include TripAdvisor, Expedia, Hulu, Johnson & Johnson, Wayfair, Nestlé and Nutrish. A spokesman for TripAdvisor said the company doesn’t “condone the inappropriate comments made by this broadcaster. In our view, these statements focused on a high school student, cross the line of decency. ”
Source: NBC

Don’t think he pulled this off without some help from the activist buddies that organized the march ‘with’ him.

Here’s her apology.

Here’s his ‘gracious’ response. (As you read it, keep in mind how he has been standing behind his youth and victim status to make hyperbolic and bogus accusations against the people and organizations he’s decided to target/destroy.)

Either he’s a child, and should not be taken seriously, or he’s an adult, and is big enough to take some criticism. Which is it? The goalposts keep shifting.

If a whole generation is rising up that would rather silence dissent than engage it… let’s just say we’ve seen that movie before.

The folks who ‘dig’ that sort of thing tend to wave red flags and talk about revolution.

His ‘pinned tweet’ is getting harder and harder to take seriously.

I dunno. All his backers are hard left activists. Does he have their permission to do so? Or would they just pick a different ‘face’ of the movement?

Without meaning to, he just gave a stronger argument AGAINST citizens giving up guns than anything else he’s done to support it.

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