Dear Young Ladies: Here’s A Great And Deadly Reason You Should Never Date Millennial Snowflakes

Published on March 13, 2018

She had everything going for her, except for a fatally-flawed taste in boyfriends.

She was a young, attractive, businesswoman in Odessa, Ukraine. She should have been on the top of the world, right?

She was. Until she wound up decapitated with her head buried in a bag… by her own boyfriend.

A 29-year-old Ukrainian woman was brutally murdered and decapitated after she refused to have sex with her ex-boyfriend.

Anna Ergieva’s headless corpse was discovered by her horrified parents, who had made their way into her home when she did not answer her phone.

Her head was later found buried nearby, stuffed in a bag along with some of her jewellery.

Her ex-partner later admitted to carrying out the murder in a jealous rage when she rejected his sexual advances.
Source: DailyMail

He was told ‘no’ when he wanted sex. Poor baby. That won’t be a problem anymore. Where he’s going, he’s gonna have plenty of sex, whether he wants it or not.

Now you might be wondering… why was her head cut off and buried? Because the killer wanted to hide the bullet that was still lodged in it.

To make things worse, the crime scene was discovered by her parents, who became concerned when she wasn’t answering her calls.

The 29-year-old’s distraught father told local media: ‘She was lying on the floor decapitated. She was covered in blood.

‘The whole room was covered in blood, even the TV set.

‘We called police who explored the scene but they couldn’t find her head.’
Source: DailyMail

Police “couldn’t find her head.”

Imagine walking in on that scene as a parent.

She was shot in the head by a classmate she had been dating. Then she was butchered. And her head was dropped in a hole.

She tried to call for help. There was an ‘alarm button’ beside the corpse, that hadn’t been pressed.

But even if she’d pressed it, help would have come too late.

One suspects the whole scene would have ended differently if she had a concealed weapon, some martial arts training, or at the very least, if she had honed her BS meter to better spot worthless dillweeds like him.

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