The Church Used To Attract Men – So, Why Does It Now Repel Them? This Bro Thinks He Knows

Written by Doug Giles on April 28, 2018

And, yes, he’s got some suggestions about what to do about it.

The church was never designed to be just some estrogen laden ladies’ club.

A healthy church is a place where the gifts of men and women are BOTH embraced.

A healthy church brings in men to step up and unleash their God-given drive and ambition into the engine that makes God’s redemptive Vehicle into a cultural difference-maker.

That’s what the church USED to look like. How do we make that happen again?

Maybe start by looking at the preening nancy-boys too often found in top leadership.

If the guy behind the pulpit looks and sounds like Ryan Seacrest than, say, a First Century Fishermen or a Carpenter, well, maybe that’s a problem.

And seriously. Stop with the Thomas Kinkaid art, and Jesus-is-my-prom-date music too.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of this bro’s ten-minute testosterone blast.

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