Trump-Thumpers Don’t Seem To Know What A President’s Job Is Really Supposed To Be

Written by Candace Hardin on April 26, 2018

President Trump has been in office for sixteen months. Every single day he hits some sort of brick wall of obstruction by the Democratic Party as well as the RINOS in his own party.

By February of 2017, Trump had already set a record for not having his cabinet nominees confirmed.
It seemed that Chuck Schumer, et al, thought that he had too many bankers and billionaires, or persons who had conflicts of interest, or other “problems.”

That’s strange, a Presidential Cabinet is made up of the advisors to the President, according to whom he feels will best serve his purposes.

This obstruction is pretty much the status quo for those who feel that they must “resist” this duly elected President.

Tom Price, the Secretary of Health and Human Services was an approved choice, but was let go by President Trump for his abuse of tax payer funded flights. Trump accepted his resignation for said abuse, showing his leadership and confirming his promise to look out for the American People and their money, unlike his predecessor.

The head of the VA, David Shulkin, was also asked to resign by President Trump for misusing public funds for private travel with his wife.

President Trump is running the USA like a business. If one of the players in the “business” is out of line, wastes money or abuses power, it is the corporate heave ho, out the door.

The majority of the voting American Public wanted this kind of actions and for this reason, he is President.

As in his Inaugural Address, he promised to take care of the American People’s interests. He has certainly kept his word on that and many other promises he made in the campaign.

He has come through and proved to the US and the World that his word is good.

His pick to replace Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State is Mike Pompeo, a very qualified man who is head of the CIA. He was highly praised by all of the Democrats until Trump picked him to be Secretary of State.

Mike Pompeo, in addition to being head of the CIA, graduated first in his class at West Point, was a Kansas Congressman and founded Thayer Aerospace. He is hardly a dud. His only drawback is being chosen to be part of Trumps’ cabinet.

Now the powers that will confirm or deny in the House seem to have their doubts about his abilities. The hypocrisy in the obstruction/resist members of the House and Senate is appalling.

President Trump has signed many Executive Orders, and he is challenged at every turn, unlike his predecessor who was thought to defecate marigolds by the House, the liberal left and the media every time he picked up a pen to insult the Constitution, as in his executive order on DACA.

Right now the courts are still holding up Trump’s travel ban.

This is the third issuance, and it has met opposition at every turn starting with the acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, who ordered immigration officials to disregard his first travel ban.

She was subsequently fired for her actions.

The President has every right to decide who comes into this country and who cannot.

Jimmy Carter banned Iranians during the Hostage Crisis in 1979.

Carter’s actions was one of six times that an American President has banned certain countries’ citizens from immigrating to the US, whether for their nationality or beliefs.

They exercised their executive privilege without any challenge from the courts for two main reasons:
1) It is the right of a sitting president to control who comes into the US.
2) Courts and judges INTERPRET the law, they do not make it.

Needless to say, neither the press nor other elected officials felt the need to challenge these historical executive orders.

President Trump was legitimately and duly elected by the people. It is time that the Beltway, the media and the “resistors” got over themselves and started doing their jobs objectively.

Each American needs to remember who held up progress and vote accordingly in 2018.

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Candace Hardin
Candace Hardin resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is fluent in Spanish and a student of Latin and history. She is a columnist on and has a blog, Originally from North Carolina, her writing and beliefs have been heavily influenced by the Appalachian culture and tradition.