Two Pastors Say Wearing A Beard Is A Sin – So We Put Them On Full Roast

Written by Doug Giles on April 19, 2018

They were the ones who picked this dumb fight. They had it coming to them.

Seeing so-called ‘experts’ become rules-lawyers is enough to make you wonder how many of today’s pastors actually know who Jesus is.

He’s not the ‘cosmic killjoy’ and ‘moral bean counter’ he’s made out to be. How could he be?

Look who flocked to him! Prostitutes and soldiers. Political subversives and Roman collaborators. Blue collar entrepreneurs. And of course, the masses.

And look who rejected him: Politicians, Religious Elites, the ‘great legal minds’ of his day.

You can guess which crowd the muckity-muck beard-hating pastors decided to line up with.

Doug and Rich dropped the hammer on them:

And right in the middle of all that fun, Doug and Rich made room for the key ideas that the loopy preachers and too many Christians leave out of the Good News of the Christian life.

Being Christian is not about being a legalistic killjoy at all.

Yeah. A real shocker, right? And if that’s a new take on the Christian life to you? Welcome to Warriors and Wildmen! Stick around, you just might learn something.

There’s a lot more where that came from.

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