Cop Blasts The Lib’s New Glory Boy – He Could Be In Deep Yogurt Now

Written by K. Walker on May 29, 2018

Did this cop go too far or is he free to share his opinion?

It’s difficult to speak against the irrational demands of the Parkland activists.

David Hogg has made it a personal goal to destroy the NRA and anyone associated with the group, even if the involvement is in a tertiary way.

His protest against Publix is the prime example. Publix donated money to a gubernatorial candidate, Adam Putnam, an avid supporter of the Second Amendment. Publix has every right to do that. But Hogg decided that that wasn’t ok with him, so he staged a ‘die-in’ at the supermarket.

Photos were posted of Hogg working with an artist to get chalk outlines of his body in a Publix parking lot to make his point.

What exactly is Hogg’s point — that no one should ever support anyone that backs the Second Amendment?

The social media post of the photos went viral and one Florida police officer made a terrible joke that may well cost him his job.

Coconut Creek police K-9 officer Brian Valenti is in hot water after posting an offensive comment on Facebook related to Friday’s “die-in” protest at Publix, saying he hoped “some old lady loses control of her car in that lot.”

Valenti, 45, posted the comment under a photo of David Hogg, the Parkland student and activist who organized the anti-NRA event.

A story and photo of the protest appeared on a Coral Springs/Parkland page on Facebook.

Posts started coming in attacking Hogg, including one from Valenti, which read: “Hope some old lady loses control of her car in that lot. Jus saying…..”.

Valenti, who has been with the department 23 years, has taken the post down.

One woman has decided that the comment was unprofessional and is on some sort of campaign to have Valenti punished. She said that he needed to be more sensitive to the traumatized kid.

But a woman who spotted and took a screenshot of his comment sent an email Saturday night to Coconut Creek commissioners and Police Chief Butch Arenal urging that the veteran officer be suspended or fired.

“Whether someone agrees with these students or not, it is in very poor taste for a police officer to make the following comment regarding students that have just been through a tragic shooting,” Kim Simonson wrote.

Ok, so I’m confused… are these kids so smart that we should lower the voting age or are they so fragile that we have to watch out for jokes in poor taste?

Valenti is now facing disciplinary action for his Facebook comment.

Rod Skirvin, a union leader and recently retired Coconut Creek detective, described Valenti as “distraught” over the incident.

“He feels terrible and is very willing to apologize in person,” Skirvin said. “We are going to speak to the chief on Tuesday when he goes back to work. There will be disciplinary repercussions for him.”

But Simonson, who doesn’t even live in Florida, doesn’t want a ‘meaningless apology’. She seems to want him fired.

“The fact that he stated to you that he considers running over children with a car to be a joke, should definitely send off some alarm bells in the heads of the supervisors in your town,” she wrote in Sunday’s email. “That isn’t the type of person I would like representing my community all over Facebook and beyond.”

Source: Florida Sun-Sentinel


That’s pretty severe punishment to hand down to a 23-year veteran of the police force for a Facebook comment that was later deleted.

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