Nutty Professor: Prof Says, NFL Kneeling Rule Is Proof Trump’s A Dictator

Written by K. Walker on May 29, 2018

Watering down the meaning of dictator like this actually undermines public vigilance against REAL tyranny.

IRS apologizes for having been weaponized against political ‘dissidents’? No problem!

The media is silent, and we’re not hearing professors taking any public stands about ‘Tyranny’ over it, or the President under whom it happens.

But let President Trump say the anthem should be respected by players paid millions to play the game?

Suddenly, “it’s ON”!

Everyone from New York City to Narnia is suddenly an expert on Constitutional Law.

Yes, we’re looking at YOU, Piers Morgan!

Now one Professor is on record — what a surprise — that the NFL’s new rules about kneeling are evidence of Trump being a dictator and he’s basing his argument on — get this — separation of Church and State.

Yes, he really is that far gone.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Randal Maurice Jelks is a professor of African-American Studies and history. Translation: he’s an activist. He’s also an ordained minister, which makes his statements even more bizarre.

“The owners can try to prevent kneeling,” Jelks said, “but they open another can of worms. Imagine if players decide as a team to not come out for the national anthem. Or if one-third of the team decides not to come out? The owners have forgotten that the U.S. Constitution protects the right to protest, even the flag itself.

He has an objection the the NFL’s new rules about kneeling, staying in the locker room for the anthem, and fines.

“There’s nothing sacred about the national anthem because the Constitution has a wall between the sacred and secular work of the state.

“The pressure that NFL owners have received from the POTUS is bothersome to them, I am sure, but the action they’ve taken to economically penalize players for taking a knee is an alarming trend of authoritarianism. This does not seem in keeping with the Bill of Rights or dissent,” Jelks said.

“What the NFL owners should be most worried about is not player protest but the concussions that players get playing the sport that jeopardizes it more than Colin Kaepernick’s taking a knee on the sideline during the playing of the national anthem.”

Do we really need to go over this again? First, he never said it was ‘sacred’. He said it is worthy of respect, and ought to be respected. And fans — many of them blue collar, lunchbucket fans — who pay big dollars to show up for these games, can let their displeasure be known if they do not live up to that reasonable standard.

There is literally nothing preventing the NFL — or any other sports franchise — from restricting the behavior of its players during the time they are actively representing their team.

In fact, they HAVE done exactly that, on many occasions, including forbidding a memorial of the 5 murdered cops in Dallas. Or 9/11 themed cleats. Even a shirt that said the name Jesus on it had to be turned inside out for an interview.

But the dear professor wasn’t the least concerned with the imposition of the league on any of these precious freedoms. He only cares about the BLM protest enough to weigh in on it. Considering what he teaches, that’s hardly surprising.

When you’re not wearing the uniform, and when you’re not in a press meeting relating to a game being played, do as you please. But when you’re representing the team, you play by the rules.

He’s a minister, right? How do you suppose he’d feel if the person hired to sing for a wedding he was officiating took a moment in the middle of a song to put on a MAGA hat and declare that Kanye was right, you DON’T have to vote Democrat just because you’re black?

That’s ‘protest’ right? It’s that hypothetical singer’s RIGHT to do that, isn’t it?

Oh, but that’s different. No it isn’t. You are the entertainer.

The fans are profit. The players are overhead. If you offend the FANS by drawing attention to YOURSELF, and your private opinions at a time where people have paid to see the TEAM play as a team, you have hurt the brand.

Even Superbowl ratings dropped, because the fans were insulted by the behavior of Millionaire players who could have — if they really wanted to bought a TV spot on the very same game they knelt in to get their message out, and it would not have hurt the team.

And to couch this in ‘separation of Church and state’? Seriously, read a book. He’s WAY off. And he teaches HISTORY at the University of Kansas?


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