Yo, CNN: Neo-Nazis Are Waving This Flag To Protest Israel — Is That News?

Published on May 15, 2018

And just like that, the Left’s narrative is blown all to hell… again.

Not only is Trump NOT siding with the Neo-Nazis in his policies… the Neo-nazis are joining another group in protest against him.

Buckle up lefties. This is gonna strain your cognitive dissonance to new levels.

Nazis are siding with that darling of Leftists everywhere — the Palestinians. Oh, this is gonna get good!

So to recap who is on which team…

Trump and the Republicans are on the Pro-Israel side.

The Democrats (who reportedly didn’t send a single delegate to the opening of the Embassy) find themselves aligned with some interesting characters.

The Dems are aligned with the Palestinian protesters, obviously. Those peaceful innocents who are armed with just stones. And a few other things.


Who else are they aligned with?

Anti-Israel BDM protesters in a variety of colleges…
Their good buddy Lewis Farrakhan who loves to denounce Jews, and who never QUITE goes away, however many times they ‘officially’ denounce him.

Former white-girl who found her identity once she put on a hijab Linda Sarsour (she failed to denounce Farrakhan too, come to think of it).
And ironic as it seems, you could add George Soros that that list, too.

So, on the left, we are seeing an alignment of Jew-hating groups, including neo-nazis.

And on the right, we are seeing the broad support of the nation of Israel.

Trump and the right must be the most incompetent Nazis ever.

Even when everyone else can seemingly comfortably side with the Nazis and (now we’ve learned, grenade wielding!) Palestinians in their protest of the Jews, somehow they manage to wind up supporting Israel.

German neo-Nazis expressed their solidarity with Palestinians on Monday by showing an antisemitic banner and waving PLO flags.

A banner with the colors of the Israeli flag that said “The state Israel is our misfortune” was held by neo-Nazis in the city of Dortmund, a city in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia with a population of about 600,000 people. The protest appears to have been held against both the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem and the founding of the State of Israel.

Source: Jerusalem Post


Microsoft Translation: ‘Pictures that hurt. In all respects. Neo-Nazis in these minutes in Dortmund.’

MicrosoftTranslation: ‘The banner plays blatantly on the notorious essay of the German anti-Semites Heinrich von Treitschke “The Jews are our misfortune.” A sentence that was later used by the striker.’

Microsoft Translation: ‘Of course, this has nothing to do with anti-Semitism, shrieks the speaker.’

With everything each party claims to stand for in terms of rights, tolerance, and peace —
Which party stands on which side of this issue… and why?


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