Barack Obama’s Liberty Crushing Legacy Continues to Afflict America

Written by Larry Usoff on June 25, 2018

Muslims make up the world’s second-largest religious group, after Christians, with an estimated 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide as of 2015. And the religion of Islam is growing faster than any in the world, according to the Pew Research Center. Demographics, “the statistical data of a population, especially those showing average age, income, education, etc.” is showing some interesting trends. Most “Western” countries are showing declining birthrates, about 1.5 children per couple…Muslim families, and it doesn’t seem to make any difference what country they’re in, are repopulating the earth at a rate of 5 or 6 children per couple…and remember, Muslim men can have four wives!

Recently I read an article in a newspaper about a former Khmer Rouge leader…you remember the KR, don’t you? They’re the folks that took control of the Cambodian government in 1975, with the goal of turning the country into a communist agrarian utopia. In reality, they emptied the cities and evacuated millions of people to labor camps where they were starved and abused. Doctors, teachers and other educated people, as well as monks, the rich, and anyone perceived to be in opposition, were tortured and killed. It is estimated that between 1.7 and 2 million Cambodians died during the four-year reign of the Khmer Rouge, with little to no outcry from the international community.

Now, here comes Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of Cambodia for the past 33 years, and through vitriolic speeches and having some of his opponents inexplicably disappear, he’s ranting some very strong anti-American sentiments. It’s evident that Cambodia is not going to be on Uncle Sam’s Christmas gift list.

The Washington Post’s Nick Miroff wrote a piece on May 27th, and it was a puzzling one, at least to me. The headline says “U.S. issues 15,000 visas for guest workers”. The President says jobs, jobs, jobs…for our own people, and here come 15,000 “guest workers”. As expected, local business owners are complaining about a labor squeeze, so here come the 15,000 and that is on top of the 66,000 authorized by Congress.

Now, the Secretary of DHS Kirstjen Nielsen says there were not enough “qualified US workers available to satisfy the needs of American businesses”. According to a Wisconsin Senator, Ron Johnson, there’s not enough people to staff manufacturing plants, dairy farms or resorts. Now, I’m no labor expert but I’ll bet anyone a steak dinner that there’s PLENTY of veterans that could do those jobs. Even President Trump seemed to go against his own mantra, and has hired “seasonal foreign labor” for his golf courses and resorts. I’m really sick and tired of hearing that refrain about “Americans won’t do that kind of work”.

Veterans have been in muddy foxholes, held onto railings in a raging sea, had bullets whizzing past them, and either flown or jumped out of airplanes…don’t tell me that they can’t wait tables, pick fruit, or milk cows and yes, I know I’ve simplified it, but it just cannot be THAT difficult to hire people.

That brings me to another burr under my saddle. This political correctness stuff (and I cleaned that up) has just gotten WAY out of hand. A baker, in his own shop, has no say-so in what he can, or cannot, do. The lefty loonies have declared, legally it would seem, that a private business is not really private …the courts will decide what you can, or MUST, bake.

The blame for this LBGT craziness must rest on the shoulders of Hussein and his Horde. That entire bunch was just one unbridled bunch of crazy persons, with the goal of “fundamentally transforming America” …however, they neglected to tell the public that America would slide into the third world, slice and dice itself into little groups, each fighting for something that other groups didn’t want. Texas and Crazyfornia hospitals, citing their religious beliefs, didn’t want to perform hysterectomies or aid in people’s changing their sex through a series of operations. A funeral home in Michigan fired one of their employees because he was becoming a she. It’s madness, and it doesn’t need to be.

Bradley, now-known-as-Chelsea, Manning was convicted and imprisoned…but pardoned by Hussein, for “humanitarian” reasons. The secrets disclosed by Manning could have, and may have, cost armed forces personnel their lives, and could have uncovered some covert operations. He didn’t take “humanitarian” reasons into consideration, it seems.

Finally, something about the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) you may not have known. As an example, a lot of people believe that the FBI was started by J. Edgar Hoover somewhere in the early 1930’s…not so. It all started with a short memo, dated July 26, 1908, and signed by Charles J. Bonaparte, Attorney General, describing a “regular force of special agents” available to investigate certain cases of the Department of Justice. This memo is celebrated as the official birth of the Federal Bureau of Investigation—known throughout the world today as the FBI.

America was growing and so was crime. Soon after becoming the nation’s top lawman, Bonaparte learned that his hands were largely tied in tackling the rising tide of crime and corruption. He had no squad of investigators to call his own except for one or two special agents and other investigators who carried out specific assignments on his behalf…and the FBI was born.

Parting shot: If you love this country, learn about it, treasure it, and protect it.

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