Davey Hogg, ‘Illegals Aliens Aren’t Breaking Law’ – The Internet Takes Him To Truth City

Written by Doug Giles on June 19, 2018

Why is it that the Parkland teen seems to be wrong on every issue?

It appears that the Marjory Stoneman Douglas survivor has decided to become a professional activist.

And he’s wrong on just about everything.

He’s vilified law-abiding gun owners.

He’s called the NRA ‘pathetic f**kers that want to keep killing our children.’

But now, it’s not just about gun control, he’s branching out and using that blue-checkmark verified Twitter account in order to further other leftist causes.

Like the completely unnecessary Equal Rights Amendment.

You can see his modus operandi is to just say the same thing over and over as though repetition is the truth.

We’ve seen this with other leftist causes like Planned Parenthood:

Uh, no, actually.

That’s biologically untrue.

So, here’s Li’l Davey’s latest attempt to garner some Media (D) love:

As you can imagine, Twitter was merciless (as usual).


That’ll do, Twitter. That’ll do.

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