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Failure To Launch Snowflake Finally Packs His Toys And Moves After Getting Evicted By Parents

Living with your folks rent-free for 8 years means that you collect a whole lotta crap.

It’s not easy to clean your damn room. Just ask University of Toronto Professor,  Jordan Peterson, the cost of giving that advice to millennials.

The 30-year old unemployed man-child from New York is finally learning just how daunting it is when you haven’t taken responsibility for yourself for nearly a decade.

He’s finally moving out of Mom and Dad’s house.

Michael Rotondo, 30, has until noon on Friday to leave his parents’ four-bedroom home in Camillus, New York, a quiet commuter town just west of Syracuse.

Now on the eve of his court ordered departure he has told that he has bagged up most of the belongings he has accumulated over his eight-year, rent-free, tenure in his parents’ home.

At around 6.45pm Thursday a grey Ram truck pulled into the driveway and backed up to the property’s double garage doors.

His cousin, Anthony Mastropool helped him pack up and move.

Rotondo and Mastropool trudged silently between garage and truck. They heaved bags of clothes, speakers, a lacrosse stick, pictures, books, a pair of loose boots, a shoe rack, work tools and, suprisingly, a sewing machine into the truck’s flatbed.

Most notable though were all the toys – boxes loaded high, brimmed with toy trucks, LEGOs and puzzles. These all belonged to his eight-year-old son, Rotondo explained.

Earlier in the day Rotondo spoke exclusively with and blamed his parents’ ‘refusal’ to support his bid for custody of his eight-year-old son for the downward spiral in their relationship that ended with the court order for his eviction.

He said, ‘This all started when I had to fight for visitation of my son.

‘I needed help and instead they started making demands. It wasn’t so much a catalyst as an axe falling between us.’

Yes, it’s rough when your parents tell you to get a job and don’t be such a loser — after all, you’ve got to be a proper role model for your boy!

Ok, so they said it much nicer than that, they said he needed to find a job and get health insurance.

That doesn’t seem unreasonable.

He told the Daily Mail that it was his parents’ refusal in supporting his custody bid that caused the problems in their relationship, but he told that his parents were ‘harassing him with small-talk’.

Just a thought, but — perhaps it’s not his parents that are the problem here.

Forcing him to grow up and be responsible is the last straw, says Rotondo.

He said, ‘That’s it. That’s the end of my relationship with them other than court proceedings. There’s nothing more to say.’

With less than 24 hours to go Rotondo admitted to being anxious at how much packing he had left to do by mid-afternoon Thursday.

He said, ‘I thought I would have packed up everything by now but it’s daunting, it’s difficult. I have more than I thought.

‘My son’s toys all need to be boxed up. There’s more of them that’s accumulated than I thought.’


And so, Rotondo is off to a new adventure at… an Airbnb?!?

Just when you think you’ve seen it all.

He says that he will keep the bulk of his possessions in a storage facility and that he has booked an Airbnb for one week as a stepping-stone to a more permanent home.

Speaking to he said that after that point, ‘There’s no more urgency. Everything else is just finding a long-term place.’

He said he was looking for ‘someplace inexpensive, with internet.’

Good luck finding that without a job.

It is unclear what Rotondo plans to do for income. He said he wanted to ‘offload’ his Volkswagen car that currently sits, defunct, in his parents’ driveway but he is unsure what it is worth.

I’m no car expert, but I could probably give you a quick value on that — how much gas is in it?

He referred vaguely to a business he is establishing but has also claimed that his ‘full time job at the moment’ is getting his son back.

Adding a wrinkle to the very public family dispute is the claim that Rotondo might have a serious mental illness.

But the child’s mother has disputed Rotondo’s assertion that he was barred from seeing his son. She spoke exclusively to earlier this week on condition of anonymity.

The woman who works in the beauty business claimed that Rotondo had been granted visitation provided it was supervised by a medical professional but that he never exercised that right.

Source: Daily Mail

Rotondo has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but he disputes the claim and says that the mental illness label is being used against him in his custody battle with his ex.

So which is it?

Is he a risk to himself if he lives alone?

And are his parents willingly tossing him out and putting him at risk?

Or is he capable of getting and keeping a job with treatment like many other people with diagnosed mental illnesses?

Now it makes perfect sense why Rotonda’s parents want him to get some health insurance.


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