Flirty Sexts Are OK If Women Send Them – It’s Sexual Harassment If Men Do It

Written by Doug Giles on June 16, 2018

Is it ‘pervy’ to send ‘that’ kind of pic? And does it depend on whether it’s being sent by a guy or a girl?

Yet another example of double-standards. Guys know — or should know — that most girls really aren’t looking for an unsolicited pic of their tallywhacker.

So, no d**k pics, guys, in case you actually need to be told that.

But what about the “chick-pic” equivalent? Are they ok?

A study looked into that very question. Not surprisingly, the perception of men doing it, and women doing it have some real differences.

The study, conducted by Southwestern University, in Texas, asked 122 university undergraduates to read a brief vignette which described either a woman or a man sending a solicited or unsolicited nude picture to an acquaintance of the opposite sex.

Participants – who were equally split between men and women – were then asked to report back on their perceptions of the scenario.

The results were damning for men, with a majority of participants labelling the behaviour as ‘sexual harassment’, compared to the ‘flattering’ reaction that their female counterpart received.
Source: DailyMail

Considering the ‘rampant’ sexting the study author had noted even in middle school, the results were not surprising.

The study notes: ‘This pattern of results is consistent with previous research showing that women tend to have more negative attitudes and outcomes regarding unsolicited sext messages, such as feeling uncomfortable or threatened, whereas men tend to express feelings of flattery.’

‘Men are subject to stereotypical masculine ideals that dictate an obligatory sexual interest in women’s bodies,’ it adds.

According to the researchers, these latest findings demonstrate how education around sexually explicit messages needs to improve.

While female recipients often see unsolicited sext messages as inappropriate, men tend to forgive the behaviour because of societal pressure to react positively to a sexual advances.
Source: DailyMail

It’s considered more socially ‘acceptable’… but should it be?

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