Kid Picks Fight With Older Man — What Would You Have Done?

Published on June 5, 2018

He mistook the man’s self-control for weakness. That was a mistake.

A mouthy brat sure changed his tune when he got what was coming to him.

Having no respect for authority, he hid behind the fact that he was a kid to push people’s buttons.

Some dumb kid was in trouble for doing whatever it was he was doing. The notes say “damaging cars”. And the adult involved (Sean?) was contacting the kid’s parents to come over and reign him in. This kid obviously has the kind of parents that will start such conversations with ‘hey buddy, could you please’ rather than a stern ‘Come. Here. Now!’.

Little punk had no sense of boundaries. He thought he could get away with murder. And really, the man managed to put up with a lot. But there is a line… and he found it.

This clip is the short version. The full context, where the kid is taunting him, and holds him back can be seen on another video, here.

He tried to stare Sean down, standing as he was, chest-to-stomach. Sean made him look clownish in his attempts to intimidate.

Then Sean started to walk away, and the kid literally tried to stand in front and hold him back.

Sean ignored him, hands at his sides, he pushed right past the brat, and kept walking. He hadn’t learned his lesson yet.

Then the kid made the mistake of throwing punches at a grown man.

Not one.

Not two.

But several punches.

Sean still didn’t react after the first couple. But he eventually had enough.

It was hilarious… and the kid got exactly what he deserved.

The change in the kid’s attitude was instantaneous.

Even more hilarious was the ‘tough’ guy’s reaction after finally being put in his place.

Not so tough anymore, huh? Maybe if he’d learned some respect at home, he wouldn’t have to learn it from a stranger.

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