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Sailor Pardoned By Trump Is Suing Obama & Comey For Sending Him To Prison While Giving Hillary A Pass

The Statue of Lady Justice is blindfolded… but is there ACTUAL equality under the law? This sailor says ‘no’.

It’s a comparison that Conservatives have been making for quite a long time.

Comey, as we all remember, claims to have made a judgment call about Hillary’s ‘intent’ (which isn’t his call to make, as we all know) and changed the language on his Memo about Hillary from ‘gross negligence’ — which is a specific crime) to ‘extremely careless’ which is a legally meaningless phrase.

But then again, her last name was ‘Clinton’ and she was being set up for her ‘Coronation’.

Compare that to the handling of the case of a lowly sailor who did NOT have the ‘privilege’ of having the last name ‘Clinton’.

There’s a two-tier justice system and we want it to be corrected,’ he said.

Specifically, Kristian Saucier, who served a year in federal prison for taking photos of classified sections of the submarine on which he worked, argues that the same officials who meted out punishment to him for his actions chose to be lenient with Hillary Clinton in her use of a private email server and handling of classified information.

His lawyer, Ronald Daigle, told Fox News on Monday that the lawsuit, which he expects to file soon in Manhattan, will name the U.S. Department of Justice, former FBI Director James Comey and former President Barack Obama as defendants, among others.

“They interpreted the law in my case to say it was criminal,” Saucier told Fox News, referring to prosecuting authorities in his case, “but they didn’t prosecute Hillary Clinton. Hillary is still walking free. Two guys on my ship did the same thing and weren’t treated as criminals. We want them to correct the wrong.”

Source: FoxNews

This is the same agency who ‘determined’ Hillary was not demonstrating criminal intent… as though investigators have any lawful power to make such judgments, whatsoever.

Saucier pleaded guilty in 2016 to taking the photos inside the USS Alexandria, but said they were meant to be keepsakes. The photos, taken in 2009, were found on a cellphone he discarded and deemed “confidential,” the lowest classification level. He served his full prison sentence and was released in September.
Source: Washington Examiner

The LOWEST classification.

He said he wanted his family to have some sense of where he worked.

Meanwhile… let’s remember the testimony presented before Jason Chaffetz concerning the sensitivity of Hillary’s emails.

By CONTRAST, Chaffetz was told that by the witness that he couldn’t even mention the name of the AGENCY, or the KIND of information (HumINT, Signals, etc) that had been compromised in the open session.

She had the ‘home brewed’ server and had destroyed evidence.

Many of her emails, marked classified (that they couldn’t even discuss the ORIGINS of in open session, and investigators at ODNI OIG needed to be ‘read in’ for) …  wound up on the devices of both Huma Abedin AND Anthony Weiner, whose devices were being put to DIFFERENT illegal uses.

He and his lawyer think it’s pretty clear that Hillary and this Sailor were not investigated under the same laws and same standards.

As for their Obama’s deep care and concern about National Security?

Let’s all discuss what Obama did to Bradley/Chelsey Manning’s sentence, shall we?

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