Watch: Psycho Chick Launches Into Demonic Tirade Over A Bus Seat – Call An Exorcist!

Written by K. Walker on June 5, 2018

Get her a Snickers. This woman is an angry racist when she’s hungry. Or maybe hunger had nothing to do with it.

Maybe she’s a four-alarm beyotch who didn’t get her ass whooped enough when she was a kid.

Fortunately for us, she’s raising more little ones to grow up like her. What a gift that will be to society.

Hopefully they rebel against mom’s anti-social stupidity and turn out better than she did.


There was a dispute over a seat between an angry mom a Chinese lady who was obviously in the wrong place at the wrong time. Someone, it seems, offered her a seat, which this middle-aged Asian lady accepted.

By now she regrets having ever sat there.

It didn’t take long for the other woman to get loud, vulgar, violent, and straight-up disgusting. (Which is not a reference to her appearance, although we understand how one might assume that.)

That was enough to trigger the foul-mouthed beatings that followed. It began like this:

‘He didn’t get up for me to sit because my daughter’s black. He didn’t get up for me,’ the mother says at the beginning of the clip that has already racked up 84,000 views.

The Asian woman tells her to be calm.

‘What’s calm? You play with my kid and I’m supposed to be okay with it? So f*** you.’

She begins to turn away until the Asian woman tells her to ‘mind your language’, inciting the mother to turn around and say ‘Mind your a** and move it. Before I kick you. B**** I will you move you off that seat, try me.’

Then the mother orders her daughter: ‘Push her. Push her’ and the child obeys, pushing the Asian woman out of her seat.
Source: DailyMail

She’s such a charmer, isn’t she?

When she threatens to call police the mother says ‘F*** police b****’.

‘This ain’t your country. Welcome to America. Welcome to Brooklyn b****,’ she adds.

‘F*** outta here you’re gonna push my daughter out of her seat because she’s Spanish and you’re Chinese,’ the mother rants to the silent train car.
Source: DailyMail

She’s now played the ‘black’ card AND the ‘Spanish’ card.

Race apparently matters an awful lot to this, uh, person. She acts as though HER race and her DAUGHTER’S race mean she is owed special concessions that are not owed to anyone else.

Chinese people apparently deserve less respect that this rude, angry, unpleasant woman ‘deserved’. We know that because she specifically called out her race and that she didn’t belong here.

That’s called ‘racism’. She would recognize it if some white guy was stupid enough to talk to a Chinese woman this way. She sure as HELL doesn’t get a pass just because her skin is brown.

Toward the end, you could hear her get herself a full mouth of spit, and she was threatening to let fly on one of the passengers who had the misfortune to ride with her.

What would you do if a troll like her started issuing threats at the other passengers?

Would you keep a wide distance? Would you stand up to her? Call for security?

Or maybe you would you wait for her to take that first swing, and then knock her fat ass down?

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