Dear America: Illegal Alien Gets $280 Fine For Killing Cop, Fire Inspector

Written by Wes Walker on July 10, 2018

I’ve heard of bigger speeding tickets. Does this seem like ‘justice’ to you?

Let’s compare sentencing, shall we?

Before we come back to the sentencing one guy got for snuffing out two lives — the lives of people who knowingly took on the risk of keeping the rest of us safe — let’s take a look at how seriously the law takes the infraction of speeding.

In Georgia, the maximum penalty for the first speeding ticket is $1,000. You can end up in jail for up to a year if you screw things up. The same value brings the maximum ticket in Illinois for the first speeding ticket.

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The state of Nevada also employs the same value as the maximum penalty for the first speeding ticket, and it has a six-month maximum jail sentence is you rack up too many points on your license from speeding.

In New Hampshire we find the same maximum ticket for first-time speeders, and you can get a ticket if you do not go ten mph below the limit in school zones.

The state of North Carolina also has a $1,000 penalty for first-time speeders, and they can go to jail for up to two months if the cross the line too far. California has a maximum speeding fine of $600, but other fees may apply. Furthermore, your insurance will go sky high if you speed in California.

Source: Autoevolution

What does the public learn from those penalties? We learn that our lawmakers think speeding drivers put other citizens at risk, and the right way to reduce such risk is to penalize drivers who speed. Some of those penalties include jail time for up to a year!

Now let’s look at the sentencing of a guy who killed a cop and a fire investigator while behind the wheel.

The driver of a Honda Accord that fatally struck an FBI agent and a fire investigator on the side of a Maryland highway has paid a $280 fine, concluding a case of negligent driving lodged against him.

Roberto Garza Palacios, 28, did not have to appear in court and did not receive jail time, according to court records and lawyers involved in the case, which ended with the June 25 payment.

Source: WaPo [emphasis added]

Did we mention he was an illegal alien from Guatemala? Or that this happened in a “sanctuary city”?

Does that really surprise you?

If you or I had struck two men dead while driving, could we get away scot-free with a $280 fine and no jail time?

Maybe we are supposed to believe each of their lives are only worth $140, but a speeding fine can be as much as $1000?

That doesn’t seem right.

How do you feel about this sentencing?

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