Fake News Reporter Lied About Capital Gazette Shooter Wearing A MAGA Hat – He’s Now Unemployed

Written by Doug Giles on July 3, 2018

The only resource the news media has is credibility. When that’s gone, they’ve got nothing left.

It’s easy to forget the importance of journalistic integrity in the big-money 24-hour news cycle. But for smaller outfits — even if they’ve been around since 1824 — if a reporter’s been caught making stuff up, that could be lethal to their reputation. Even if they do it on Twitter.

And that’s exactly what happened.

We told the story about the guy with a long-standing grudge against a newsroom who brought in a shotgun and killed 5 people in the process.

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Vendetta: Guy With Grudge Kills 5, Wounds Others, in Annapolis, Maryland Newsroom

One guy who worked for the Republican is out of work after falsely reporting that the gunman in that incident was wearing a MAGA hat.

As we have reported in the original story, and as police have been further confirming through what we have learned since, there is nothing about this slaughter that points to political affiliation of any sort. This attack stemmed from a long-standing feud and court case he had with individuals from that newsroom.

But, like so many other people in the Media(D), the assumptions made that Trump supporters are ‘evil’ colored expectations of events. For many with such an attitude, it’s easy to believe Trump supporters are capable of such a heinous deed.

The problem is, reporters are sought out as sources of reliable information. And when a reporter comments on unfolding news via a Twitter account, it is taken by many in the public as fact.

Folks, My 21-year career as a “journalist,” a fancy term that makes my skin crawl, frankly, came to a screeching halt yesterday with one stupid, regrettable tweet. Can’t take it back; wish I could. My sincere apologies to all good, hardworking reporters and to POTUS supporters.

— CONOR BERRY (@CBerry413) June 29, 2018
In an excerpt from his resignation notice published on Friday by The Republican, Conor said that he was “ashamed” of his tweet, adding that it “taints the good work of fair-minded journalists everywhere.”

Conor’s initial Twitter post was quickly taken down after an editor at the newspaper became aware of it, The Republican reported.

Conor’s initial tweet came after a gunman opened fire in the newsroom of the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Md., on Thursday, killing at least five people and leaving several others injured.
Source: The Hill

There was a statement from their Executive Editor that every ‘news network’ ought to read and hold themselves to:

“We need to be more vigilant than ever to be fair and accurate in a climate in which we are scrutinized and criticized,” he said, according to The Republican. “The Republican newspaper and our partners at MassLive.com are committed to report the news with the truth paramount.”
Source: The Hill

If they did that, we’d stop hearing taunts of ‘fake news’.

That’s because — if they did that –the media would stop reporting bogus news, they would open their eyes and see there’s a lot of news out there that has nothing to do with what Trump does well or poorly, and they might even see a thing or two about America that they think or President has made better.

That, and Jim Acosta might stop trying to BE the story and might actually report one from time to time.

Ok, that may be too much to hope. But if the Media(D) took that policy seriously, he’d probably have trouble finding any reporting job other than reporting on traffic and road closures.

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