Park Ranger Tangles With Mama Grizzly – His Escape Is Pretty D@mn Impressive!

Written by K. Walker on July 10, 2018

By: K. Walker
ClashDaily Associate Editor

This Canuck bro is an absolute badass! Check it out…

Last Tuesday, Jordan Carbery, a 50-year old park ranger, was mauled by a 500-pound grizzly bear just outside his home in Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada. He suffered injuries to his head as well as multiple puncture wounds.

Carbery, who is an avid bear lover and often takes photos of them, said he grabbed his phone when he went to investigate a noise outside his home just before 5am on the morning of the attack.

The 50-year-old park ranger immediately spotted some cubs in a cherry tree.

Carbery said he noticed something out the corner of his eye when one of the cubs fell out of the tree after a branch broke.

‘She had her eyes locked on me and she was coming for me,’ he told The Canadian Press from his hospital bed.

‘I instantly turned and tried to get back to the house. I was only 40 feet out of the house. All of a sudden I just got tackled from behind and sent flying.’

He was knocked down by the bear and repeatedly bitten. At one point, she picked him up by his head, and then again by his thigh.

He repeatedly kicked the grizzly in the face and punched her in the snout in a bid to escape.

The ranger dropped his cellphone in the process so was unable to call for help.

Here’s where it becomes absolutely incredible. After all that, Carbery gets inside the house, grabs his keys and drives himself to the hospital.

He eventually managed to make it back inside, tracked down his keys and raced back out to his car to drive to the nearest medical facility about 10 minutes away.

Carbery, who thought the bear may have torn him open and was concerned his organs may have been falling out, told himself not to pass out on the drive.

Carbery is still in hospital recovering from his wounds as well as multiple surgeries.

‘She ripped off a portion of my scalp, half my ear, tore my pectoral muscle, gave me an umbilical hernia, and several deep canine teeth puncture wounds, plus several other wounds,’ he said.

Source: Daily Mail

Watch Carbery explain it in his own words:

Carbery posted a couple of photos of his injuries on social media.

One is a photo of his skull where his scalp was ripped off, the other showing some of the deep puncture wounds made by the bear.



Carbery managed to get away from an angry mama grizzly and lived to tell the tale.

And he still understands that it was because he let his guard down in bear country.

That bro is amazing.

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