Walmart’s Selling ‘Impeach 45’ Shirts – Is That BS Or What?

Written by Doug Giles on July 3, 2018

Does that mean they’ll have ‘lock her up’ t-shirts, too?

They must have known it was risky taking sides in the ‘Resist’ war. But isn’t picking sides against the Right a risky move for them? After all, it’s the LEFT that tends to oppose Walmart moving into new neighborhoods.

Then again, Hillary WAS on their board of directors for 6 years while Bill was Governor, and the company’s heiress dropped a 6-figure donation to her campaign bid.

Did they make a mistake by selling these shirts?

They certainly made some waves.

Whoever said there was no such thing as bad publicity hadn’t heard of social media.

It’s not just baby shirts, either.

Not surprisingly, some have called for boycotts over this.

What do you think? Is a boycott appropriate?


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