Art Battle: Is Trump Draining The Swamp Or Crossing The Swamp Better Imagery?

Written by Wes Walker on August 1, 2018

There’s a new ‘Swamp’ art piece on the scene. How well does it stack up against the ‘Drain The Swamp’ Art by Doug Giles?

This is what social media hashtags were MADE for.

And it’s fun.

Because there ARE no losers with this one. None except any DC Swamp Rats who don’t think it’s their job to be genuinely accountable to ‘We The People’.

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Before we get to the new piece, let’s take another look at our own ‘Defending Champion’ — Drain The Swamp, by Doug Giles.

With Trump’s foot on Comey’s head, a drain plug in one hand and our Founding Documents in the other, it’s pretty clear that the emphasis of this one is on Trump cleaning up some of the pests infesting DC.

The new contender is playing off the swamp theme a little differently. It is riffing of that famous painting of our FIRST president crossing a very different body of water.

This one, by Jon McNaughton, is called ‘Crossing The Swamp’.

McNaughton shares it, and describes it briefly, here:

You’ll notice the familiar look to it. It’s the same pose you’ll find in ‘Washington Crosses The Delaware’.

Was this modern parallel a home run, a swing and a miss, or somewhere in between?

Is CROSSING the swamp just as compelling as DRAINING it?

Do you prefer the nod to history, or do you prefer the modern, contemporary?

Cast your vote.

And why not use the Left’s own precious Social Media to get the vote out for which of these two pieces is a better reflection of what Trump is doing to the fetid DC swamp?


Of course, as Clash Editors, we *might* be partial, but we have a soft spot for our Big Dawg’s Drain the Swamp piece.

Then again that could be because we’d rather see the swamp DRAINED than CROSSED.

What about you?

If any single art piece could capture the wave that carried DJT to the White House, this is the one…

Drain the Swamp available from the ClashDaily Store.

“I love how Trump looks confident. He’s not weepy or angry. He’s winning and doing exactly what he promised, namely, Making America Great Again. I also really enjoyed painting Comey, Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Debbie and Anderson Cooper getting sucked down the drain. This is one of the funniest paintings I have ever painted. I couldn’t be happier and I hope these prints adorn the walls of every Trump supporter. I’m so glad Brandon Vallorani commissioned me to paint this epic, hilarious, and patriotic masterpiece.” — Doug Giles

Where can you see this fine — and hilarious — portrait?

No, you don’t have to wait until this beauty is hung in the Smithsonian. You can get your own copy of Drain the Swamp right here.

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