Buzzfeed’s Joe Bernstein, A White Devil, Hates All Of You White Devils

By: K. Walker
ClashDaily Associate Editor

The Buzzfeed writer is now claiming that he is the victim of bigotry. Here’s the 411…

In the era of typical product of modern academia, Sarah Jeong, Buzzfeed writer, Joe Bernstein, is following the same leftist pattern — write vile tweets against one particular racial group, then claim that you’re the victim.

We can’t be surprised by this at all — that’s exactly what Kathy Griffin did after her ISIS-style Trump beheading stunt. She behaved in a way that was extremely offensive, then claimed that she was being harassed by President Trump and his supporters for being called out for it.

It’s particularly vile of Joe Bernstein to feign victim status by Twitter trolls as he instigated an outrage-mob against comedian Sam Hyde to have his show on Adult Swim canceled because he was ‘alt-right’.

Some of Bernstein’s tweets from as far back as 2014 have come to light in an article by Medium, but Bernstein has since deleted most of them. He cites harassment as his reason that he’s deleted the tweets.

The one that is causing the most problems for Bernstein is the one where he writes, ‘KILL a straight white man on your way to work tomorrow‘ as he links an article from The New Republic that suggests that the era of straight, white men should be over.

Bernstein is Jewish, and one of the tweets was about his own identity.


And about his parents:

But they’re not the only white people that Bernstein dislikes:

He’s tired of tv shows about ‘rich, neurotic whites’:

He also deleted these tweets:

He recently tweeted about the concern on the right that something is ‘going to happen’ with Candace Owens:

Well, she was harassed by a bunch of leftists and accused of promoting ‘white supremacy’ — is that something?

But hey, Bernstein was pretty open about his views — right before he deleted them.

Bernstein has faced a whole lot of absolutely vicious racially-motivated hate for his tweet that he claims was a just a joke about ‘wokeness’.

Sorry, but in this era where ‘whiteness’ is considered vile, it’s difficult to determine what is parody and what is a legitimately racist tweet — especially in the light of multiple seemingly anti-white tweets by the same person.

It just seems like the Sarah Jeong Defense™.

Especially since we’ve been told multiple times in Academia, in the Media (D), and on social media platforms that it’s not possible to be racist to white people.

Remember, kiddies, this dork works for Buzzfeed — the same place that was the first to report on the Steele Dossier.

Buzzfeed employees have also been caught in their private group chat ‘joking’ about assassinating the President.

And he doesn’t think that ‘neutral’ platforms can be neutral.

He reacted to Jack Dorsey’s statement on Twitter not following the lead of every other platform in the banning of Alex Jones this way:

Conservatives should be censored, but he’s just making ‘jokes’.

This guy is a real piece of work, amirite?

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