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Clash Quiz: When Assad Gassed 1000 Syrians Did Obama Respond … Immediately? 24hrs Later? Or 9 Days Later?

Even Trump’s Critics cheered when he hit Syria for that gas attack. But do you remember Obama’s pantywaist reaction?

No wonder Obama’s foreign policy doctrine was called ‘leading from behind’.

That’s another way of saying ‘following disguised as leading’.

In plain language, he was gutless.

You remember Obama’s stance on gas attacks? It was the VERY issue Obama had once called a ‘red line’.

Maybe he chose that as a ‘red line’ because, Progressive that he was, he never took seriously the possibility that anyone would actually be evil enough to gas their own civilians.

Unfortunately for him, someone called his bluff almost exactly one year later, that ‘calculus’ of his was still not changed.

And his reaction to the sarin gas attack made his Benghazi reaction seem almost ‘prompt’ by comparison.

The British PM at the time wanted Obama to denounce the attack immediately. Putin did not agree. (Keep that in mind.)

David Cameron had to wait three days to speak to Barack Obama after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s horrifying chemical attack on his own people, a new book claims.

The former prime minister was on holiday in Cornwall when he learned Assad unleashed the deadly nerve agent sarin near Damascus, killing more than 1,000 people, many of whom were children, on Wednesday, August 21, 2013.

Outraged, Cameron sprang into action and began his attempt to drum up support for a show of force against Assad, calling on Obama as a key ally.

But the two leaders couldn’t arrange for a secure line until three days later, delaying any hope for a swift response and eventually resulted with no action being taken, as the Syrian conflict continues to rage on five years later.

Source: DailyMail


What’s worse here? The fact that the British PM couldn’t access a secure line for three days … while in his own damned country?

Or the fact that Obama needed help from David Cameron to realize that maybe it would be a good idea to take notice of Assad dropping Sarin Gas on Damascus?

But even once he HAD been contacted, Obama still dithered.

The series of events started with the sarin attack, which occurred on August 21. But it wasn’t until August 24 that contact was made, according to the new book “Ten Days in August,” authored by Anthony Seldon. Seldon posits that although Obama had already declared a “red line” for the U.S. would be crossed if Assad used chemical weapons, Obama proposed to Cameron a cruise missile attack, said it would have to be executed by August 26, but would not commit to such an action yet.

The next day, August 25, Cameron left Cornwall and gathered his advisors in Chequers. On August 26, Cameron called Russian President Vladimir Putin for support. Still no answer from Obama.

Source: DailyWire

Putin sided with Assad.

And Obama stalled…

And he ‘hemmed and hawed’…

And he procrastinated…

And he kicked the can down the road…

Until he was able to pass the buck:

The next day, [Friday August 30th] Obama called Cameron and offered support, suggesting he should ‘hunker down for a while’ and everything would be fine.

He went as far as to say Cameron ‘wasn’t letting [the US] down in any fashion. You have processes you have to abide by.’

On Saturday, Obama made a public statement, slyly shifting the blame of inaction onto Cameron and the UK.

He said the US ‘should take action against Syrian regime targets’ but because America’s ‘closest ally’ had decided against it, he would consult Congress on the matter.

However, Congress was out of session, meaning it was now very unlikely for anything to happen at this late stage.

Eventually, after 10 days of Cameron frantically trying to secure support for striking Assad for killing hundreds of innocents, nothing was done.

Source: DailyMail

For a President who loves to tell the world how Dangerous Vladimir Putin is, Obama spent precious little political capital actually opposing his agenda.

He couldn’t even see fit to take seriously the one thing he said would demand his attention.

What changed in the following year?

The ‘red line’ announcement was in August of 2012.

Have you got any ideas what could POSSIBLY be at play here? Is THIS historical gem relevant?

Remember, this clip was taken in MARCH of 2012.

Trump took less than a week to destroy Assyrian targets in response to their gas attack.

Obama didn’t even have a plan ready for his ‘key allies’ in that time.

Not if they were looking for a plan more robust than ‘do nothing’.

And Obama’s America’s credibility was in a shambles for the rest of his presidency. Even Iran thought nothing of attacking the American military and taking hostages.

Wes Walker

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