Dear CNN: Blacks Are Taking Land From Whites In South Africa – Is That ‘Racism?’

Written by Wes Walker on August 23, 2018

The Militant Left’s racism rules are so jacked up that they don’t know how to react to the South Africa story.

The rules that we used to all play by were pretty straightforward. Treating someone differently (better or worse) than someone else for no other reason but skin color or ethnicity was explicitly racist.

Ah, yes… way back in those far simpler times.

Then someone had the bright idea to connect racism to Marxism thinking. Now racism is defined through the filter of power and politics.

The idea that people with power and people in the racial majority could not be racist. Because they hold power.

Let’s see if that’s just a convenient excuse to beat down America, or if they’re willing to hold up other nations to that same set of rules.

South Africa. There was a long history of problems with Apartheid. We all know that. The fact that they moved past that without triggering a civil war is one of the reasons that people focus more on Nelson Mandela as a national hero, and focus less on the cruelty of his youth. (See: ‘Necklacing’.)

But now, farms that have been in families for generations — including those which had been legally purchased — are being ‘liberated’ from white farmers without compensation. The land is being taken from them.

South Africa’s current head of state, President Cyril Ramaphosa, has been publicly praised earlier this year by no less than Barack Obama.

As Tucker reports, our own State Department is describing their current issue of ‘grappling with land reform’ as an open process with public hearings. They are a ‘strong democracy’ with an ‘independent judiciary’. So — really, move along, there’s no story here.

As one South African writer observed:

Recently, Obama romped on to the Third World stage “bigly.” He delivered an address in this writer’s birthplace of Johannesburg, South Africa. The occasion: the centennial commemoration of Nelson Mandela’s birth.

On that occasion, Obama praised “the liberal international order,” which is founded on inverted morality: Good is bad and bad is good.

Small wonder, then, that nobody—broadcaster Tucker Carlson excepted—was willing to shame Obama for lauding genial thug Cyril Ramaphosa as an inspiration for “new hope in [his] great country.”

President hope-and-change Ramaphosa has gone where his four peer predecessors had not dared to go. He led a wildly fruitful effort to tweak the already watered-down property-rights provision in the South-African Constitution. Theft of land owned by whites will now be permitted.

Other than their modern-day-messiah status, BHO and his hero Mandela share something else. Both were silent about the systematic ethnic cleansing and extermination, in ways that beggar belief, of South-African farmers, in particular, and whites in general.

Does the barefaced Barack care that white men, women and children are being butchered like animals, their bodies often displayed like trophies by their proud black assassins?

An example among thousands are Kaalie Botha’s parents: “You can’t kill an animal like they killed my mom and dad. You can’t believe it.” The Achilles tendons of Kaalie’s 71-year-old father had been severed by his assailants so he couldn’t flee. He was then hacked in the back until he died, his body dumped in the bush. The head of wife Joey had been bashed in by a brick, wielded with such force that the skull “cracked like an egg.”

A day in the life of farming South Africa. — Source: Constitution

‘An example among thousands’, they said.

Let that thought sink in.

Would this violence be tolerated in silence by any OTHER majority population rising up against a minority? When the minorities being killed are white, is it suddenly perfectly ok?

Don’t forget — this very same model has been tried before. It turned a once-prosperous Zimbabwe into a modern basket case that eventually relied on the UN to feed one of every four citizens.

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