Fart Man: The Dude Who Films Himself Farting At Work Just Got Bad News From Employer

Written by Wes Walker on August 24, 2018

Meet ‘Paul Flart’ — his name’s Doug, actually, but that doesn’t work as well for the gig he’s got online.

His ultimate goal is to get paid for farting online. As a career. No kidding:

‘I’m Paul Flart I make fart videos on Instagram for the joy and happiness of all who see them,’ he states in a fundraising page set up following his termination.

‘My goal is to be the first person to make a living off farting after getting fired from my job in a public manner.’
Source: DailyMail

Let’s take a moment to be glad he didn’t go with the name ‘Jim Schmitt’. We would be telling a very different story.

Now that he’s been fired from his security guard gig, he’s one step closer to his, uh, dream.

When he’s about to let one rip, he whips out his phone, and films his face while he does it. Here’s a compilation of some of his… work.

Is it rude and crude? Sure. But it still beats the hell out of feminists painting ‘art’ with period blood.

Sadly for ‘Paul’, someone snitched on him.

Word got back to his employer that he farts in public… and more importantly, that he farts on duty at his desk… and films it.

Guess who didn’t like that? If you guessed ‘his employer’, you’re right.

On the upside, one thing that sets this guy apart from so many others is that he walked right in there and owned it. He didn’t beg, he didn’t plead, he didn’t lie or blame-shift.

It’s almost like he listened to the newest Warriors and Wildmen podcast about stepping up, and not passing the buck.

This guy did something — on duty — that pissed off his boss and their client and he took it like a man. He did wrong and he knew it.

Honestly, whatever you think of some dillweed farting on duty and filming it, owning the consequences a choice like that is something worthy of at least a little respect.

Sadly, seeing all the other stupid crap people do on Social Media, maybe he’s on to something.

God help us all.

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