If You Want To Stay A Pathetic, Keep Blaming Others For Your Problems

Written by Doug Giles on August 24, 2018

If some part of your life sucks worse than an airplane toilet, here’s some good news. It’s your own fault. If that doesn’t SEEM like good news, you’ll want to keep reading.

Whoever ‘owns’ your problems has the power to solve them. If everything that goes sideways is someone else’s fault… then you become a spectator in your own life.

But if the buck stops with YOU for your problems, issues, and failures, rather than with el diablo, mom and dad, your mean boss, your significant other, your whiny kid, the patriarchy, or whatever other excuse you might be tempted to duck behind… guess what?

You have the power to make the necessary changes… to ‘write the ending’.

It’s nut up or shut up time. Are you ready?

Buckle up, and get ready for the kind of truth-bomb that just might flip your world upside down. In a good way.

Rich and Doug tackle the most hated topic amongst slack-jawed wastoids namely… responsibility. Responsibility is a key component to great men and women. Would people label you as responsible? Put on a cup for this podcast. Enjoy.

Stick around for their Five Ways To Take Responsibility.

It’s GOLD.

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