MAGA Legion: Dozens Of Fake Donald Trump Stars Appear On Hollywood Blvd.

Written by Wes Walker on August 10, 2018

Leftists protest by smashing things. That’s so cliche. Even our protests are better than theirs. And funnier, too.

Their side protests against Trump by taking a pickaxe to his star. (And then facing criminal charges.)

Or they pretend to ‘pee’ on it, with a small water bottle. (Some jokes tell themselves.)

Or they just stand up and swear in front of a cheering crowd. (Like DeNiro.) How ‘courageous’. And he dares to call anyone ELSE a ‘punk’? Riiiiight.

And West Hollywood City Council even voted on the issue, even if it didn’t fall within their authority.

But Conservatives arent’ driven by the same instinct to destroy and tear down that drives the latest breed of Militant Leftists.

Why would anyone do that when creating and inventing can be so much more satisfying?

Think of some of your favorite Hollywood Anti-Trumpers. Rob Reiner? Jimmy Kimmel? They LOATHE our president and can hardly bear the fact that his star is every much the landmark theirs is.

And his star — let’s be honest — will get more attention, from admirers and detractors alike.

That’s ok. Conservatives have found a way to bring a LOT of attention to the ‘Resist’ crowd.

They’ve made beautifully exact copies of Walk of Fame Stars. They have put the President’s name on them.

And they have affixed them to the sidewalks all around the landmark stars of the most firebreathing Trump-hating Hollywood figures.

Street artists have taken up Trump’s cause before. And now they’re back.

Now, a Trump-supporting guerrilla street artist has taken matters into his own hands. The twitter account @TheFaction1776 posted videos of men dressed as construction workers placing dozens of laminated replica Donald Trump stars along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The sophisticated operation involved the stars, which look identical to the real stars, being placed in various arrangements around the stars of various left-wing activists, such as Rob Reiner.

The twitter handle is said to belong to famed street artist Sabo, who is known for his edgy conservative art. The handle describes itself as “Anti-PC street art. Vandals bringing uncomfortable truth. Sabo & I trigger Libs. 100% anti-identity politics.”

One tweet said “Take down his star, and we will descend upon you with 30 fresh new stars” and also shared a video of the stars on the walk.
Source: DailyCaller

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